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To think a lot of charity events don't make money?

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VintageDresses Mon 04-Jan-16 19:38:31

I'm thinking of things promoted by charities fund raisers which become very popular but that most people participating seem to have forgotten the fundraising bit e.g.

- Movember, know several people who grew a tach "for Movember" but don't know anyone did it to raise money.

- Dryathlon and similar abstinence events/months. Lots seem to join in for the good of their health/own pocket but I don't know where the charity element comes in

- That ice bucket challenge thing. Loads of people did it, how many did it for the charity?

- And charity donations instead of Christmas cards. How many people say they're going to do this and how many actually make the donation?

HackerFucker22 Mon 04-Jan-16 19:46:16

I thought you were posting about a well known cancer charity who run events thay barely break even. Although it's all about raising awareness not money... apparently.

ottothedog Mon 04-Jan-16 19:52:55

Maybe change friends? All those things you mention, my friends raised money for charity for.

toohardtothinkofaname Mon 04-Jan-16 19:55:55

All (bar ice bucket challenge which was started by a person, not a charity) are promotional fundraising events designed to raise awareness & start conversations about issues the charity campaigns for. They will be doing everything they can to get the participants to raise & return the money but unfortunately can't force them too.

With the rise of social media & the inability to do something altruistic without making a song & dance about it, people will sign up to take part & do it so they feel they've made a difference but actually, haven't. Or, their contribution barely covers the sign up pack.

Despite this, charities still make money though from those that do it 'properly'

lorelei9 Mon 04-Jan-16 20:05:35

odd title
well, I was confused because I was thinking of actual funded events that didn't ultimately turn a profit IYSWIM - like a black tie dinner that didn't make a profit

Ice Bucket Challenge made an excess of c$90million on the previous year's donations (with no ice buckets)

I cba looking up the others but the thing is about Movember type stuff, as a charity, once the event is set, even if only half the people doing it are doing it to donate, you've still made a bunch of money.

I appreciate some things are about raising awareness and some people will do Dryathlon for the sake of their liver, but these are relatively cheap ways for charities to raise money, sure. And much less annoying than blanket junk mail!

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