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To find my 5yr ds so annoying?

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bumblebeerat Mon 04-Jan-16 10:28:30

Ok so before I start don't get me wrong I love him to death same as my other two dc but since he started school full time this September he's been driving me nuts. I feel so horrible for saying it. He used to be so sweet and nice but now he hits he's nasty to the others. He seems to break everything he bloody touches and it's driving me insane.

Add to that even if you try and keep him busy while going to the loo within a second he's banging on the door. The worst thing he has done is after a day of me sitting playing with him he went up to the loo and next thing I know hes chucked my tablet down the stairs. When I told him off he said it fell off my bed. Why is he acting like this? I don't think it's school as he is in the same school as his nursery with the same teacher. All I can think is he's been swapped while he was there.

TheHouseOnTheLane Mon 04-Jan-16 11:56:08

It is school. It's all the change. Some just carry on as normal and others have a harder time adjusting.

Have you been happy with his report?

lozwil Mon 04-Jan-16 11:59:57

Mine is the same he is in yr1 but is the youngest in the year, he was lovely towards the end of the holidays but i know now he is back at school he will be a nightmare. His favourite saying is I didn't do/break/hit it he is an only so there is no one else to blame I feel your pain but I think it's just a case of waiting from them to grow out of it x

LittleLionMansMummy Mon 04-Jan-16 13:14:27

It's harder for some to adjust. We suffered terribly at home for the first few weeks especially, but he was an angel at school. After October he settled down at home and absolutely loves school. However, we've noticed that his night terrors have returned for the past 2 nights which obviously coincides with him returning to school after the hols so the transition obviously does trouble him on a subconscious level despite seeming perfectly happy about school. And because he hasn't slept as well his behaviour had suffered a bit more again. Have you spoken to the school op about how he is settling? Does he sleep well at night?

bumblebeerat Mon 04-Jan-16 13:53:27

They say he's fine at school when he listens lol. And that he's very enthusiastic which I know means a bit over the top. He sleeps like a log. He's just so difficult.

wowis Mon 04-Jan-16 14:37:37

my 5 yr old dd is hard work op. I ask myself the same question. An angel at school and lovely sometimes but just destroys her room when she can 't sleep, and turns everything into something to be upset about. Even said to her older brother this morning when he commented on something 'erm...did I ask you to speak?' wtf? where has that attitude come from!!
has cut her hair twice with scissors, pulled the back off her (cheap) tablet then when I bollocked her said it was like that when she found it (it wasn't)
just...sigh....Youre not alone...

wowis Mon 04-Jan-16 14:39:17

and just to add mine is nothing to do with school, she's in year one but she has been 'spirited' -a pain in the arse- for a couple of years...

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