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to be feeling a bit sad?

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feelingabitdown Sun 03-Jan-16 21:51:24

so basically I'm at a weird point in my life, feeling quite low and bored with things. I have big exams coming up in March so trying to focus on those for now but live far away from friends so although I meet them when I can, this combined with my lack of a structured job right now means I don't meet new people all that often and am pretty lonely

I recently met someone great but I can't start a relationship with them as they live in a different country sad There's a possibility we may be living in the same place, in the near future, in which case we'll see but I'm a bit down about circumstances. It would be nice to have someone to message and banter with flirtatiously (so not as friends), even if we couldn't see each other right now. It's so shit not even having anything to look forward to.

Obviously I'll go back to dating post-exams but it's shit when you meet someone nice and then things can't really progress.

feelingabitdown Sun 03-Jan-16 22:11:46

hopefully bumping

mrsfuzzy Sun 03-Jan-16 22:26:15

someone needs a hug, hope you feel happier soon and things work out for you.

feelingabitdown Sun 03-Jan-16 22:30:55


i'm really down and over-invested in this guy now, which is so rubbish. he's just sensibly getting on with his life and I can't sad

ironically i was pretty sure i was happy not to see him again at first (not because I didn't like him [I did], but because there weren't "fireworks"... - in fact he seemed a lot more keen on me than me on him) - anyway, the more time I've had to think about it, the more I do want to see him again and I can't sad

So depressed!

mrsfuzzy Sun 03-Jan-16 22:41:35

get past the exams and spread your wings, there is someone special out there waiting to meet you, good luck with it all, this sad phase won't last for ever.

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