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to be the tiniest bit flattered?

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SabinaTheBean Sun 03-Jan-16 21:17:09

went on a date last night (wish I actually had nightmares about beforehand as I thought he was very out of my league) and got wolf-whistled while walking down the street with him

DISCLAIMER: i'm not pretty, was wearing lots of make-up, it was dark. Also wolf-whistling never happens to me. Also it's offensive and outtdated

But, in spite of all this, AIBU to be a tiny bit flattered? awaits flaming for being horrible sexist woman with no life

SabinaTheBean Sun 03-Jan-16 21:17:56

oh fuck just struck me that the whistle might have been for him? grin oh well he assumed it was for me, im taking that

Champagneformyrealfriends Sun 03-Jan-16 21:18:25

YANBU to be flattered-YABU to put yourself down like you have! Xx

MelanieCheeks Sun 03-Jan-16 21:22:23

Sorry, unreasonable to be flattered by wolf whistling, in any circumstances.

But you do need to work on your self esteem!

SabinaTheBean Sun 03-Jan-16 21:22:56

aw thank you champagne flowers xxxxx

SabinaTheBean Sun 03-Jan-16 21:24:47

fair enough melanie, i really disagree with it in principle - it just provided a cheeky ego-boost at a good time! grin he looked all shy and was like, "did you just get whistled at?!" i just ignored it, obviously, but sooo wanted to be like, "ah yeah it's the effect I normally have" yeah fucking right smile

Rivercam Sun 03-Jan-16 21:43:42

The only time I got wolf -whistled, I felt slightly indignant, but then also slightly flattered.


Bloooming Sun 03-Jan-16 21:50:10

YANBU - lovely!

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 03-Jan-16 22:01:40

Of course not. . This is going to make me sound like the ivd got the biggest ego on the planet but if you knew me youd know that's not the case. But I get admiring looks all the time from the opposite sex.
Well when you evolve from a teen who is so ugly to the point where you got stones thrown at you. Into a sexy stunning adult of course you're going to revel in the attention you get. All the so called fit ones are dowdy and haggared now. I'm guessing im like vintage wine. Better with age.
And don't you're not pretty. I bet you're gorgeous.

Grilledaubergines Sun 03-Jan-16 22:03:33

The done thing or not, it's flattering and a boost! Good on you OP!

TooOldForGlitter Sun 03-Jan-16 22:08:18


feelingabitdown Sun 03-Jan-16 22:10:36

Good on you OP. Why yuck, glitter?

ByThePrickingOfMyThumbs Sun 03-Jan-16 22:12:37

I get wolf whistled fairly regularly when out running by myself. I don't and never have found it flattering. I find it intimidating. It makes me feel awkward and just horrible. Sorry but I think YABU.

Sparklingbrook Sun 03-Jan-16 22:14:31

Never mention being wolf whistled at on MN. shock

sugar21 Sun 03-Jan-16 22:16:37

Good for you.
Hope your date went well

whattodowiththepoo Sun 03-Jan-16 22:17:35

Yanbu to feel how you feel.
Yabu to think of yourself so negatively.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 03-Jan-16 22:18:11

Yes. How did the date go

Pidapie Sun 03-Jan-16 22:19:52

When this happens to me (very rarely) I get half flattered and half creeped out. It's one of those "yuck, but thanks anyway" - situations. Hehe. Don't think you are unreasonable, but you shouldn't put yourself down smile

AmIthatautumnal Sun 03-Jan-16 22:20:59

YANBU. If you're like me and hideous to the opposite sexes, there's no denying it gives you a boost.

Of course MN is full of those who are used to attention and will call this "yuck" or such like , but I say enjoy it

marriednotdead Sun 03-Jan-16 22:21:55

I used to get a fair bit of that kind of attention when I was younger and it was less regarded as a crime. It's so rare now that I look behind me for the younger stunner that's usually there.

I got a casual compliment- that really was for me!- in passing recently and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't flattered, especially as he was neither decades older than me nor drunk grin

On a slightly serious note, NOBODY is out of your league. Your are so much more than just physical appearances. However, that whistle, even though it was un PC, was a perfectly timed reminder to you both that you are attractive. I certainly won't be flaming you smile

TooOldForGlitter Sun 03-Jan-16 22:23:04

Where do you want me to start? That men think it's ok to audibly comment on women's attractiveness while they are going about their business? That you find that flattering and not infuriating? That other women are patting you on the back for it and not suggesting you boost your self esteem some other way?

ItsANewDayToday Sun 03-Jan-16 22:26:30

Sorry but yabu. You shouldn't be flattered because you are being wolf whistled by the the type of idiotic sexist chimp who think wolf whistling someone is ok.

If you think his intention was to flatter you then I'm afraid you are a bit deluded incorrect. sad

boopsy Sun 03-Jan-16 22:38:23

Ha I had similar, a car full of men beeped at me, I got the fright of my life and dropped my shopping - not my finest moment!!

princesscharmaine Sun 03-Jan-16 22:42:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

shutupandshop Sun 03-Jan-16 22:43:37

Good for you, your date was hotwink

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