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Friend has cancelled me for a holiday that's already booked and paid for.

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Snowyxmastree Fri 01-Jan-16 13:48:17

I don't know how to handle this situation.

9 friends 4 couples and 1 single have booked to go on a holiday. I have paid for the flights outright and the hotels get paid for on check in. Everyone has paid for the flights bar the single friend.

I have had to rearrange the booking once already as we have booked non refundable rooms and 4 in the party got invited to a family members wedding.

I have just received a message from single friend to say that she is embarrassed to say that she can no longer go due to the cost. She's owes me for the flight and I have been chasing her for a couple of weeks now. Plus the hotel needs to be paid for nearer the time.

Everybody knows this all non refundable but she hasn't mentioned reimbursing me.

How do I go about doing this?

I will not be doing this again despite this being a annual thing for 5 years now with no issues.

I am so pissed off with friend as the hotel was booked mainly as she was unhappy with a lot of hotels as they didn't do single rooms.

Please help me ask her for this money I am owed. It's £550.

nightandthelight Fri 01-Jan-16 13:50:35

You need to respond saying that you are sorry she can't come but as she knows you have already booked the flights which are non refundable and she owes you £550. Not nice to do I realise but you just have to be straight!

OwlinaTree Fri 01-Jan-16 13:51:00

Could you sympathise, work out her share of the bill and let her know you'll be happy to take installments of £x a month for her to pay back since she's skint? Ie make it clear that she will be paying back but make it possible for her to do so slowly?

sofato5miles Fri 01-Jan-16 13:51:19

Shit! Difficult one. She owes the money.

Can you redeem the hotel or get someone else in for that.

This will be a big fallout. Are you close to her? Is it massively out of her reach or is she being difficult. Has she come before?

rollonthesummer Fri 01-Jan-16 13:51:33

Phone her right back and tell her that the cost still needs to be paid by her whether she goes or not!

TheWitTank Fri 01-Jan-16 13:52:26

Be honest -say it's non refundable and you are out of pocket. Sympathise, but be clear that you also can't afford to pay for someone's ticket.

wonkylampshade Fri 01-Jan-16 13:52:34

That's not on- if you're not a confrontational person I can see how you feel you're in a tricky position though.

Can you respond saying - 'What a pity you can no longer come! But as the flights and hotel are non refundable, you will still have to cover the cost of those. Are you going to manage to pay me back on time for the flights?'. Or something similar - keep it friendly but firm.

Veterinari Fri 01-Jan-16 13:53:01

You just need to be clear to her. It's fine for her to pull out to avoid additional costs but as she made a commitment to the booking she owes you £550 as the flight is non-refundable. Send her the flight booking info and confirmations and say that you'll need the money reimbursed to you by X date.

Just keep things calm and factual

CakeFail Fri 01-Jan-16 13:53:50

I would make it clear that as the tickets are non-refundable, the friend does need to reimburse you, but allow her to pay in instalments if that is feasible for you.

Arfarfanarf Fri 01-Jan-16 13:54:13

Yes. Phone her and say sorry that shes having trouble but she will needyo pay the non refundable money you have already paid on her behalf. Does she think its reasonable that you take a £550 hit for her?
If you can suggest a payment plan that would be good but you need to be blunt that her sticking you with this bill is not an option.

ilovesooty Fri 01-Jan-16 13:54:40

Make sure you make all requests in wring or confirm any verbal request in writing. She simply has to pay up.

lampshady Fri 01-Jan-16 13:55:35

Oh gosh, how uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how you'd force her to pay you back. I had something similar (for a far lesser amount) and had to chalk it up. It was frustrating and I've never seen this person since, but there was nothing I could do.

Would small claims be feasible for that amount? Never done it so may be a useless suggestion.

ilovesooty Fri 01-Jan-16 13:56:22

I was thinking small claims too.

LagunaBubbles Fri 01-Jan-16 13:57:05

This is why I would never do this, sorry this has happened OP but if she can't afford the holiday now the chances are you won't see any money from her. I hope I'm wrong but either way I can see things getting messy.

rollonthesummer Fri 01-Jan-16 13:59:53

How long have you known her?

nightandthelight Fri 01-Jan-16 14:00:06

Anything over £300 can go to small claims but for £550 you will be paying £60 in fees.

nightandthelight Fri 01-Jan-16 14:00:27

However I would talk to her before going down the legal route!

ilovesooty Fri 01-Jan-16 14:01:33

I'd talk to her too bit I'd confirm everything in writing in case you have to take her to court.

mrsfuzzy Fri 01-Jan-16 14:02:51

i would go through small claims court, it ls straight forward to do, get advice from c.a.b, if you cannot front her out about repaying you. it can be repaid at a small amount each month, good luck op.

liinyo Fri 01-Jan-16 14:05:40

I had a similar problem one year although she was not cancelling due to lack of funds but because of a falling out within the group. I immediately phoned the canceller to sympathise saying 'that's awful for you, especially as you will still have to pay for the flights and hotel'. She was taken aback but suddenly managed to arrange for another friend to take her place and pay up. She genuinely did not seem to have grasped her financial obligation.

FlatOnTheHill Fri 01-Jan-16 14:05:57

Shes owes you money and you have been chasing for a couple of weeks!Time to harden up my lovely. Shes out if order not paying you. Contact her again. Be firm but fair. Tell her you need and want that money back in full now. Dont do installments it will take forever. Be firm.

Waltermittythesequel Fri 01-Jan-16 14:05:59

If hotel is paid on check-in can you cancel her room?

She'll have to pay for the flights and if she was any sort of decent person she would know that herself!

And, if the hotel can't be canceled, she'll have to pay that too. Simple as.

Have you responded?

Nanny0gg Fri 01-Jan-16 14:06:23

If she can't go because she hasn't got the money then there's no point in asking her for it all now!

Installments an option? As long as they're by DD so she can't 'forget' to pay you.

If she refuses point blank, then small claims.

MaisieDotes Fri 01-Jan-16 14:06:33

How cowardly of her to send a message instead of calling.

I would be inclined to message back and say, oh no you must come, you will obviously need to pay me what I've paid out for you already so surely the spending money won't be too much more? It wouldn't be the same without you.

GiddyOnZackHunt Fri 01-Jan-16 14:07:47

Although the flights are non refundable the taxes and fees may be. Check with the airline. I got them refunded on a flight I couldn't cancel or use.
Check with the hotel as they may be willing to offset her deposit against the group booking.

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