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To want neighbours to shut up now?

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shivermytimbers Fri 01-Jan-16 01:41:28

I know it's new year but they don't seem to be able to celebrate anything without loud, bass thumping music that goes onto for hours and hours. Birthdays, Halloween, bonfire night... anything at all.
Am I a miserable party pooper or are they just fucking inconsiderate noisy bastards? angry

FantasticRik Fri 01-Jan-16 01:44:37

I would say the second one Shiver.

Hope they STFU soon.

LosingTheWillToSkate Fri 01-Jan-16 01:47:25

I think with it being NYE you're being a tad miserable, unless it happens on a weekly basis or something.

GlitteryPenguin Fri 01-Jan-16 01:47:55

I'm still of an age where I should be out partying, but I'm definitely a member of the 'shhhh let's celebrate QUIETLY' brigade. YANBU! grin

VertigoNun Fri 01-Jan-16 01:49:26

They may go to sleep soon. My neighbours party stopped at 11 pm. shockconfused I thought they would keep going till midnight at least.

ladygracie Fri 01-Jan-16 01:49:40

Oh me too shiver. I won't complain of course because it's NYE but they keep turning the music off & then on again. It's worse than if it was just on all the time. And this is the second time in a week - last time it was 5.30 am for some reason.

shivermytimbers Fri 01-Jan-16 01:57:37

It's not weekly, to be fair losing, but it is for every celebratable occasion. I like a good get together myself (but have been very happy to use my unduffed status as an excuse to watch Jools Holland in my pjs with chocs this evening grin) but why does anybody need music that loud for that long? Is it wrong to start planning for the new baby to sleep right next to the shared wall of our houses, so that they get the full benefit of the screaming?

shivermytimbers Fri 01-Jan-16 01:58:28

That should say upduffed

vulgarbunting Fri 01-Jan-16 02:15:12

I am a regular on the phone to noise control as I live in an apartment block in a touristy area, of which roughly 80% are rented through Air BnB. People literally don't give a shit that it is my home. You are not a party pooper at all. They are BU.

shivermytimbers Fri 01-Jan-16 02:22:39

That sounds like a complete nightmare hunting! Seems like there are a lot more inconsiderate bastards than anyone should have to put up with staying near you. Air bnb does seem particularly badly regulated. flowers for you

shivermytimbers Fri 01-Jan-16 02:24:04

Bloody hell! Bunting not hunting! (Stupid auto correct)

AlwaysBeYourself Fri 01-Jan-16 02:52:13

I don't think you are being unfair. It is nearly 3.00. I would be well annoyed. That's why I live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours. Love it.

BlueJug Fri 01-Jan-16 02:56:22

We turned ours down at 1 and off at 2. That seemed fair and reasonable. We never have music or parties any other night!! Ever!

Air BnB is a bloody nightmare. We had neighbours who did it and it was shit. Parties, tourists, different people every few days, screaming kids on holidays - the lot.

GoneAndDone Fri 01-Jan-16 03:44:51

My retirement age neighbour still has her mates round and they are fucking cackling and screaming. SHUT UP!!! It's nearly 4am.

shivermytimbers Fri 01-Jan-16 09:46:25

They finally stopped at a bit past 4am angry. Happy New year to all of you who managed to enjoy yourselves without pissing off those around you and to all of you who have had to put up with noisy, rubbish neighbours. I wish you all a very peaceful year flowers

Nanasueathome Fri 01-Jan-16 10:44:47

You need to start hoovering in the room against the party wall
Keep the Hoover in for a good half hour

JoffreyBaratheon Fri 01-Jan-16 11:37:30

Luckily my nuts neighbours are pretty well friendless and the domestic violence noise has been minimal over the holidays as they're between spates of noisy mutual brutality.

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