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to be crying in bed

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wtfisgoingonhere Fri 01-Jan-16 00:39:08

Me and dh have had a pretty shitty year, aside from my sister getting married I can't think of any happy memories of the year
His mental health has been terrible and money has been tight, it's been a stressful time and there are still issues unresolved (legal case relating to his employer we tried to settle before christmas so as to start 2016 a fresh )
Doesn't help I've been unwell too both physically and mentally

Had a regular night in tonight watched the fireworks at midnight on tv and then off to bed

Am I just a miserable bitter person to be feeling sad scrolling through all my friends happy fb statuses and pictures full of positives messages of the year passed and the year ahead

I feel like we have nothing to look forward to and am typing with teary eyes

WhispersOfWickedness Fri 01-Jan-16 00:43:16

Everyone deserves a little weep when things are a bit rubbish, so YANBU for that. However, YABU for thinking that Facebook reflects real life, people only post what they want others to see, you cannot use it to compare your own troubles/happiness!
Really hope life improves for you in 2016 thankssmile

MrsMoggy Fri 01-Jan-16 00:43:28

No I'm sure there are plenty of people in the same position. We have always been skint and can't see that changing in 2016. My husband has lost 3 family members this year. I've spent most of the year wishing days away. I too felt sad tonight. I'm also very grateful for the things we do have but I think it's ok to mourn the things you haven't got too

Avpixie27 Fri 01-Jan-16 00:43:29

I know exactly how you feel, my dh got forced into working in another city meaning he is never home. I found out one family member has passed before xmas and another is in icu. I spent most of the year in counselling and the rest of it crying alone while everyone i know goes out on day trips or parties. To top it off i slipped down the stairs last week.

Foslady Fri 01-Jan-16 00:44:24

I'll share a box of tissues with you - I hate this time of the year. The one non family person I care about last contacted me on Boxing Day and lives on the other side of the world. 2015 did me few favours (struggling to think of any right now). I don't 'get' this 'woohoo - a whole new year thing, party, party,', never really have.
I won't say happy new year - here's to a better new year, one that will bring some light back in and give us strength through joy and not adversity x

No, you're not being miserable and bitter. It sounds like you have had a tough year flowers
Remember though, people only post on Facebook what they want you to see, you aren't getting the full picture. There could be all sorts of things going on that you wouldn't necessarily know about.

I hope 2016 brings you better things OP!

Mmmmcake123 Fri 01-Jan-16 00:45:40

Don't torture yourself with fb!!!
There are lots of people not posting and lots posting in the hope of a response, eg happy nye, as they are not partying themselves.
Too much expectation for one night.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 01-Jan-16 00:47:55

Ynbu. You've been through so much. But never forget I know its a Clique to say it but you really do not know what's around the corner.
I'm also crying. I miss my lovley mum. She passed in October. I miss her so much. I have good days and bad days. I like you also have MH issues severe depression anxiety and panic disorder. Determined to make 2016 a better year though, well it can't be any worse the 2015. I hope xx

wtfisgoingonhere Fri 01-Jan-16 00:49:28

Thank you all, I feel better knowing it's not "just me" although you've all set me off again

Here's hoping we all get a little bit of sunshine back over the next few months whether it's a 'new year thing' or not

Thank you all for the kind words - I sometimes feel I'm a million miles away from anyone and your posts have (strangely enough) made me feel somewhat better tonight

3littlebadgers Fri 01-Jan-16 00:55:45

flowers I'll share a box of tissues with you, I had a crappy 2015 too and despite everyone saying 'you must be pleased to see the back of it,' I really wish I could stay there. You are not alone my lovely x

Destinysdaughter Fri 01-Jan-16 00:55:53

Oh love, life can be tough some times. I've had a crap few years. My mum had a stroke 5 years ago which left her paralysed, unable to speak or swallow food. Was in a nursing home just lying there until she finally passed last year. My dad has dementia and went blind, I got made redundant and moved from London to the Midlands 3 years ago to look after him. Although he's in a home now I haven't worked since and hardly any of my friends from London have bothered to stay in touch with me. I stopped looking at Facebook a few months ago as I couldn't bear to see people living happy, fun filled lives. However people do only post the ' best bits' so it's not a true picture of what their lives are really like.

I do hope next year is better for you. flowers

Ditsy4 Fri 01-Jan-16 01:00:58

No I think Christmas and New Year often bring out our emotions more. a young man I know volunteers for Samaratians and he does extra shifts this time of year so let the tears roll you might feel better for it tomorrow. I hope things improve.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 01-Jan-16 01:02:40

Christmas and new year bring out our emotions more,
Well that's very true Ditsy.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 01-Jan-16 01:04:23

Oh and well done to the man you know who volunteers for the Samaritans. What a lovely selfless thoughtful thing to do.

SoThatHappened Fri 01-Jan-16 01:05:26

However, YABU for thinking that Facebook reflects real life, people only post what they want others to see, you cannot use it to compare your own troubles/happiness!

This is true.....If I could only listen too.

sorenoggin Fri 01-Jan-16 01:07:28

I have just put a lovely happy family post on fb. In reality I have spent last 2 days in tears, just been diagnosed with a chronic illness and am on anti depressants and a world of pain. None of my fb friends know a thing about this!
Don't believe all you see on fb

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 01-Jan-16 01:08:52

Love strength and support to you, sore x

SoThatHappened Fri 01-Jan-16 01:18:25


Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be critical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.

© Max Ehrmann 1927

knobblyknee Fri 01-Jan-16 01:47:10

YANBU, FB is pants. I dont do it and I dont miss it. Here you go brewbiscuit

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