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Good Display but the music was disjointed and bitty.

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finetonive Fri 01-Jan-16 00:16:54

Was like listening to something from Diversity. You need rousing/striking music to accompany fireworks.
Something that packs a punch, not little soundbites of songs tagged on to eachother.

They tried to be too clever this time.

finetonive Fri 01-Jan-16 00:18:13

London Display.

nickelbabe Fri 01-Jan-16 00:23:28


What droveme the most mad was the cameras!

the display was quite obviously centred in a specific place, designed by professionals and lots and lots of money spent on it - why the fuck did the cameras spend the whole time panning around, changingcameras, changing angles, going here there and everywhere - even in the middle of part of the display???


very annoying indeed.
Just put the camera n the middle so that we an see the whole thing and keep it there

finetonive Fri 01-Jan-16 00:29:33

Wasn't just me then.
You could see the crowd was as into it as they have been in previous years either.

It's as if this time round they spent a lot of time getting the fireworks just right, but the music was a bit of an afterthought.

Or they were trying to be too clever, when in reality all people want is music that they recognize and can even sing along to, and is preferable on for longer than 3 seconds before changing it to something else.

finetonive Fri 01-Jan-16 00:31:20

see the crowd wasn't as in to it

Grilledaubergines Fri 01-Jan-16 00:32:08

I really enjoyed it. Some of the music wasn't my brew but I'm a fogey music-wise. I liked the panning too - seeing the whole of the city by night, all lit up.

glamourousgranny42 Fri 01-Jan-16 00:33:38

It sounded like the music was an afterthought and they had just stuck someones ipod on shuffle!

UnGoogleable Fri 01-Jan-16 00:34:12

Bryan Adams is rocking it though!

finetonive Fri 01-Jan-16 00:34:48

I should have had more whiskey,
then it would have looked brilliant.

finetonive Fri 01-Jan-16 00:39:47

It sounded like the music was an afterthought and they had just stuck someones ipod on shuffle!

In the past with the London fireworks display, the music usually builds to a crescendo of some sort and by the time it comes to the end you are left with that satisfied feeling, similar to what you get after you've watched a top, well produced show.

VertigoNun Fri 01-Jan-16 00:41:32

I thought the music mix wasn't up to mucheck either.

ladygracie Fri 01-Jan-16 00:43:08

That's what my son & I thought too - odd choices & didn't match the fireworks at all. And the amount they would have cost.

StarkyTheDirewolf Fri 01-Jan-16 00:49:46

Me and dsis turned the music off and listened to Adam Lambert with Queen from last year.

MackerelOfFact Fri 01-Jan-16 00:51:58

I quite enjoyed the music - mix of hits from the last year, classic party tracks and music from musicians who passed away in 2015.

MsJuniper Fri 01-Jan-16 01:28:05

I was waiting for Ace of Spades.

LightDrizzle Fri 01-Jan-16 01:46:25


angelos02 Fri 01-Jan-16 02:03:09

DH & I thought it was sad that so many of the crowd were so bored that they had their phones out.

GirlOverboard Fri 01-Jan-16 02:28:20

I could have done without the music altogether. Half the fun of fireworks is the sound of the explosions. Putting music on top of that is just unnecessary IMO.

seagreengirl Fri 01-Jan-16 02:41:38

I thought that it was stunning, I have never seen such subtle colours as this years fireworks. Parts of it were like lace, just beautiful.

Alonglongway Fri 01-Jan-16 02:49:08

I was there - they kept asking the crowd to use phone torches to "light up London"

PippaPug Fri 01-Jan-16 04:08:49

Fireworks were stunning! I loved it! X

Topseyt Fri 01-Jan-16 04:17:30

Fireworks were lovely. Music was crap, disjointed and amateurishly put together.

liquidrevolution Fri 01-Jan-16 07:16:41

Music has been bitty for years. I hate it. Its crept in to tv shows as well. Most annoying thing ever (was about to start a thread on it).

Also the crowd wont be able to see most of the fireworks and unless they brought their own booze will probably be sober. I know as I was there one year. Most boring new year ever.

Would have liked to have been in Bryan Adams crowd though. smile

finetonive Fri 01-Jan-16 18:45:23

I take it all back.
I have just watched Sydney and a few other displays and the London display was far superior and visually more stunning than most of the other countries displays.
And if the music sections had been slightly longer, we would have aced that part as well.
Well done London!

LittleLionMansMummy Fri 01-Jan-16 18:49:39

Fucking austerity. What do you want, the moon on a stick? wink

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