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to wonder what life is all about........

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iamworkingonit Thu 31-Dec-15 16:42:07

The death of a youngish friend who was vibrant, warm and such good company was so shocking. And now I find a work colleague and friend who is also a lovely person is most probably facing terminal cancer. I am an older parent with a young child and sometimes it just seems quite overwhelming and just inexplicable that people, their children, friends and so on have so much pain and sorrow. I am not particularly morose or downbeat but life is to put it bluntly brutal at times. I could go on about terrorism, alzheimer's and all the other frightening horrors and yes I do appreciate the beauty and joy in the world but at this moment in time I feel frightened and wonder how others do it.

AliceScarlett Thu 31-Dec-15 17:41:09

It is hard to face mortality. The world can be a very hard place to live in.

Do you have much support around you? Family/friends?

PiccalilliSandwiches Thu 31-Dec-15 17:57:43

Mortality and making sense of it all can be terrifying, especially if you're not religious (I'm not). The world/universe is just so big and we are so insignificant.

Personally, I try to find a bit of joy in every day. I try to ensure I don't cause others harm and help when I can (humanist type approach). I see living well and finding good in each day a way to honour those we've lost. While we remember them they are never truly gone.

Yes, the world is a scary place and with the internet now we see all the catastrophes in such glorious technicolour. But being alive still beats the alternative in my book and so I will strive to live well and look for the beauty in the world.

FWIW I think a lot of people feel this way at some point or another. Death of someone close is always hard. Find a way to celebrate their life.

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