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FairyFluffbum Thu 31-Dec-15 10:27:10

I just bought a double buggy off eBay.

It was only £45 which I know it's cheap but it was one of the early models so thought it would be OK. I knew it might need a bit of a clean....but my god it's a state.

I'm having to strip it all down and scrub as it's got mould and dirt everywhere.

They even told me the wrong dimensions. I thought it was the slimmer model not the wider model which may only be 5cms but in a shop this could be the difference between getting in or not.

I'm so annoyed!

I can't even take it back as I've already starting stripping the frame.

I'm gutted sad

araiba Thu 31-Dec-15 10:51:45

so you knew it needed a clean and are upset that you need to clean it?

goodnightdarthvader1 Thu 31-Dec-15 10:53:29

What did the listing say on eBay about the state it's in? Also, by telling you the wrong dimensions you have a case with eBay.

RubbleBubble00 Thu 31-Dec-15 10:53:40

Did you ask about the state of it? See photos?

Epilepsyhelp Thu 31-Dec-15 10:54:48

I'd be raising a case for a partial or full refund. It's not as advertised, why should you have to keep it?

FairyFluffbum Thu 31-Dec-15 10:55:41

No I know it needed a clean but not a total strip to bare bones clean.

Looks like I need a brand new wheel too as it's down to the thread.

The pictures didn't look too bad but obviously not as good.

And I out eBay but I meant gumtree. Sorry

19lottie82 Thu 31-Dec-15 11:04:23

If it's Gumtree then you have no case for a return / refund I'm afraid, everything is sold as seen. Did you not inspect it before you handed over the cash?

19lottie82 Thu 31-Dec-15 11:05:58

If you paid without actually viewing it, well, sorry to be harsh but you're lucky it was only £45. gumtree clearly states that sales should only ever be cash upon collection. Paying by bank transfer ect leaves you wide open to fraud.

FairyFluffbum Thu 31-Dec-15 11:27:54

I'm aware of that. I said I was annoyed and disappointed not asking about taking action.

It was my dh who went and viewed and collected.

He came home and said I knew it wouldn't be any good when I saw it.

When I said well why on earth did you get it?!

He replied with I didn't want to let you down.

IamaBluebird Thu 31-Dec-15 11:39:12

Hope it looks loads better after a good clean Op. Your dh sounds lovely.

FairyFluffbum Thu 31-Dec-15 11:45:31

He's a diamond really. In fact he's taking it in as a personal project.
I've got to buy febreeze( as now we have started cleaning the seats smell slightly urine like), oxy action bleach, spirits.. The lot.

goodnightdarthvader1 Thu 31-Dec-15 11:54:11

Long shot, do you have / can you borrow from someone a steam cleaner?

FairyFluffbum Thu 31-Dec-15 11:59:03

No. He already mentioned about one of them. Great minds and all grin

goodnightdarthvader1 Thu 31-Dec-15 12:08:43

Boo sad

IamaBluebird Thu 31-Dec-15 12:08:55

Spray with Milton and jet wash, good luck.

FairyFluffbum Thu 31-Dec-15 12:14:50

Got no jet wash either shock

Well so far it doesn't look too Bad. We've took the hood off and soaked...the water was a lovely muddy brown.

The liners are in the washing machine. The foot plate logo has been washed. It's just the actual seats itself that need a spruce now.

Course a bit worried about the wheels though. If I need to replace a wheel it could cost another £30. Fingers crossed I can buy a tyre that size

FairyFluffbum Thu 31-Dec-15 21:41:47

Well after a lot of work we have managed to get it useable!

It's still not in the best condition but it's better than it was.. It's clean at least.

New tyres have been purchased from halfords so the wheels are now in good condition.

What was a £45 purchase has racked up costs.

Raincover:- £15
Cleaning products:-£10
Tyres:-£34.50 for 3

Pride of a job well done...priceless grin

A lesson well learned I will admit

bostonkremekrazy Thu 31-Dec-15 22:34:52

I bought a pushchair on gumtree once.
photos looked okay
got to the house and saw the pushchair....knew i wouldn't use it - dirty and bit smelly - i have no time or inclination to clean it...
BUT i couldn't say no thank you and leave.
the kids were running around filthy and the dh was sat there smoking talking about needing the money to get some food for the kiddies.
me having MUG written on my forehead bought the pushchair and dropped it at the tip on the way home blush

FairyFluffbum Thu 31-Dec-15 22:43:06

That's what we should have done really.
Or walked away.

They can't have been hard up for money as the house was beautiful and worth a hell of a lot.

Though I am of course assuming.

I just don't understand how they could let the pram get in this bad condition.

If I wasn't desperate and had the money I would have chucked it. But I don't have a lot of money and I did need it pretty badly.

Iggi999 Thu 31-Dec-15 22:57:34

If mouldy it had probably been kept in a shed. I've had someone return something to me once from GT as she thought it was too used - another case of sending the husband to collect, a massive waste of time for me. Wouldn't have minded someone saying no when they saw it at all, no need to buy first and then be an arse about it.
You must feel you know your buggy inside out now OP!

FairyFluffbum Thu 31-Dec-15 23:05:09

It was kept in the garage which wasn't admitted until he had bought it.

They seemed desperate to rid.

Just wished he had disclosed it all beforehand so I had forewarning

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