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to want to spend NYE alone?

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Robotgirl Wed 30-Dec-15 20:07:21

First post in AIBU. Feeling a bit confused confused
Have never been a fan of NYE.
I have DD aged 3 & have spent last 3 NYEs alone with red wine & film & in bed by 11. Lovely.
Have been with lovely BF for a year. BF has 6 year old DS. We are meant to be having first ever sleep over (first time for 4 of us) at BF house tomorrow night for NYE. Normally 4 of us get on well & his DS is sweet (but can be lively if doesn't get his own way)
Tonight BF & his DS came over for tea & I gave his DS two Christmas presents. His DS couldn't have been more rude. Threw presents onto sofa, no 'thankyou' then had tantrum because I wouldn't give him any crisps.
(It infuriates me when children/adults don't say thankyou for presents & it annoyed me that BF didn't encourage this)
AIBU to tell them I'd rather put DD into bed & have a quiet night tomorrow eve instead of two overtired & grizzly kids & potential for more drama?

ArkATerre Wed 30-Dec-15 20:46:39

He's 6, it's just after Christmas, I'd give him some leeway tbh. I would have a chat with your BF about expectations of behaviour and manners some time soonish but I wouldn't make a big thing of it before tomorrow.
Can you go out somewhere in the afternoon where your DC can run around and gets lots of fresh air?

Robotgirl Thu 31-Dec-15 06:56:25

Thanks Ark
I spoke to my BF & he's struggling with his DS behaviour currently (we had a chat on the phone last night & spoke a bit about discipline & boundaries)
Think I'm going to give NYE with them a miss. All seems too exhausting!

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