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WWYD - Partner with Vomiting Bug

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notamum3210 Wed 30-Dec-15 17:02:09


My partner is visiting his mums house and due to meet me in Edinburgh for New Year Celebrations with his brother and his sil and then we would travel down south together on New Year's Day. All is booked including an Air BnB in Edinburgh.

Last night my partner developed norovirus symptoms - it's done rounds in his household and he feels awful awful awful - I feel very sorry for him.

Here are the issues:

I don't think he should travel tomorrow and he is certainly in no fit state for a street party. He feels like he should go because all is booked and he'd have to fork out more money to get home eventually. He also has important tickets to pass on to his brother and sister in law. He thought about going and staying in the flat but I think it's selfish as we are sharing a bathroom with our host.

I think he should stay at home and travel home when he is feeling better. He has a vital meeting on the 1st but I think he needs all the recovery time he can get.

I also don't want to get ill if I can help it but I think that's inevitable.

He says he will now play it by ear. I'm due to travel to Edinburgh in the morning to meet him there.

WWYD if you were me/him?

HackerFucker22 Wed 30-Dec-15 17:08:57

Selfish of him to put other people at risk, especially on NYE.

He may well be feeling lots better tomorrow though? Play it by ear seems a fair idea as long as he will be sensible if he hasn't fully recovered.

goodnightdarthvader1 Wed 30-Dec-15 17:11:18

He's contagious. Rude to go and infect everyone.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 30-Dec-15 17:14:48

Just don't travel with this, OP's partner! Anyone could be beside you. A nurse, a small child.

ephemeralfairy Wed 30-Dec-15 17:22:57

This is my worst nightmare. I am emetophobic and if I was told that someone with norovirus was coming to stay and I was going to have to share a bathroom I would check into a hotel. Or stay with a friend. Or possibly even sit outside the front door all night or sleep under my desk at work.My phobia is that bad.

So I would just not go. But that's me. I find it hard to be rational when asked to consider such a thing.
Tell him to stay at his mum's.
Put the tickets in the post (bleach them first!!)
If the symptoms develop further he won't be able to leave the bathroom let alone go to a street party or travel any distance.
I sure as hell wouldn't be going back
As for 'play it by ear' noro is highly contagious for at least 48 hours after symptoms cease.

ProudAS Wed 30-Dec-15 17:27:49

You can't catch noro simply by sitting besides an infected person as it is only passed on by ingestion of the virus - it would be almost impossible to catch were it not spreadable by tiny doses.

He should certainly not be sharing a bathroom with host.

Is it possible for someone else to get tickets to BIL and SIL and what are the implications if he doesn't or if he has to rearrange his travel plans?

Whatdoidohelp Wed 30-Dec-15 17:31:11

He cannot be sharing bathroom with the host if he has this! What a ridiculous idea just because he has paid for the tickets.

FairyDustDreamer Wed 30-Dec-15 17:31:55

Has he stopped being sick? Is this recovery day?
If full day and night of not being sick maybe ok to travel NYE?

FairyDustDreamer Wed 30-Dec-15 17:33:41

If still being sick today- far more dodgy.
Tickets special delivery to arrive tomorrow....-

expatinscotland Wed 30-Dec-15 17:46:13

He should not go. He stays at his mum's. Post the tickets out via courier.

yorkshapudding Wed 30-Dec-15 17:46:51

Surely if he has noro and is still symptomatic he won't be physically able to travel as he'll be too busy puking uncontrollably out of both ends. Even if he's no longer vomiting/having diarrhoea then he's still contagious and it would be very selfish of him to pass on the virus to you, his BIL, your hosts etc. purely because he's already paid for tickets.

TheBouquets Wed 30-Dec-15 19:03:23

This question should not even be asked.
Firstly - an ill person should be at home until fully recovered
Secondly - They should not risk spreading this awful bug all round Edinburgh at the street party and then to all the places the other party goers have come from.
It is from this determined to be selfish and inconsiderate behaviour that these bugs spread uncontrollably.

TheBouquets Wed 30-Dec-15 19:04:27

This question should not even be asked.
Firstly - an ill person should be at home until fully recovered
Secondly - They should not risk spreading this awful bug all round Edinburgh at the street party and then to all the places the other party goers have come from.
It is from this determined to be selfish and inconsiderate behaviour that these bugs spread uncontrollably.

landrover Wed 30-Dec-15 19:05:33

Whats emetophobic?

2ManySweets Wed 30-Dec-15 19:12:02

Fear of vomit, fear of seeing someone vomit.

I've had norovirus twice and both times I was still crocked after the puking and pooing ceased. It's like the squirty stuff leaves you but the flu-ey aspects remain.

He's gotta stay put, not only for himself but for everyone else. Imagine if he keeled over at the festivities and wound up in A&E? The hospital staff'd LOVE him...

landrover Wed 30-Dec-15 19:16:59

Thankyou 2 many x

expatinscotland Wed 30-Dec-15 20:01:02

The forecast is also utter shite. Haymarket Station is all flooded out and they weren't able to use it during rush hour. And more rain is expected to fall over Edinburgh. Don't bother going. It's going to be a washout with gales.

RubbleBubble00 Wed 30-Dec-15 20:19:49

crikey I'm impressed he can even think of moving. Usually I'm curled in a miserable ball in my bed with horrendous stomach cramps and feeling like I want to die - only moving to go and throw up.

He should def stay home

lorelei9 Wed 30-Dec-15 20:28:34

He needs to stay home for at least 48 hours after he recovers
Think of all the vulnerable people who could catch this
I'm emetophobic so I won't even begin to describe the last time I got it but everyone in the office who got it found it the worst one and we were all young and perfectly healthy types.

Re the tickets, what are they for? Most places will reissue paper tickets as long as there's a card transaction or some such on the system. I wouldn't want to touch tickets from that house either. Norovirus is extraordinary, it lives a long time.

I really hope he feels better but tell him please don't give it someone else. I will never forget seeing some poor lady being ill at both ends, in the street, during the last major outbreak. Really please tell him do not inflict that on anyone.

BanningTheWordNaice Wed 30-Dec-15 20:38:37

No he absolutely shouldn't go - selfish to risk passing it on and he almost certainly would!

tallulahturtle Wed 30-Dec-15 21:13:52

Another emetophobic here, he should stay at home. Cannot begin to describe how much it winds me up that people do not appreciate how infectious this is. I would also check into a hotel/sleep on the doorstep/in my car. Thats how bad my phobia is.

AnthonyBlanche Wed 30-Dec-15 22:37:05

I would go further than expat and say don't bother going becuase the whole Edinburgh street party thing is utter shite that very few Scottish people would be seen dead at. Appreciate that may be a minority view, so hope you enjoy your evening even if your partner is too ill to join you.

Indantherene Wed 30-Dec-15 22:54:01

If he's got the bug we've had it only lasts 24 hours.

lorelei9 Wed 30-Dec-15 23:08:21

Indan, that may be but you are infectious for a while afterwards.

Mmmmcake123 Thu 31-Dec-15 02:25:08

Get some antibacterial alcohol spray and squirt every time he is looking in your way. Spray the tickets too if you get the chance

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