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To still sell these wellies

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FairyFluffbum Wed 30-Dec-15 15:02:46

Dd has a pair of start rite wellies that cost me £19 to buy. She loved them and is now at a stage where she needs the next size up. So I listed them on eBay for a fiver with a bit more p and p and they were snapped up pretty quick

I've just given them a good clean and I noticed that there is a tiny bit of sole coming away. See picture. They don't affect use and I still think they are a good bargain for £5.

I listed the product as used but still in good condition.

Would you be happy with that? Or should i message and make sure she's ok with it.

cookielove Wed 30-Dec-15 15:04:37

I would message the seller and send a photo, they don't look like they would still be waterproof to me!

PhilPhilConnors Wed 30-Dec-15 15:04:46

I personally wouldn't be happy with that.
I would message the buyer with a photo.

JarethTheGoblinKing Wed 30-Dec-15 15:05:20

I'd contact the buyer, they look pretty worn to me

Mysteryfla Wed 30-Dec-15 15:05:28

Absolutely not, that's not good condition. Bin them.

Iguessyourestuckwithme Wed 30-Dec-15 15:06:36

That's not good condition

FairyFluffbum Wed 30-Dec-15 15:07:04

I've just tested them in water and you're right. They let the water in. Damn it. Will message seller and quickly refund the money

FairyFluffbum Wed 30-Dec-15 15:11:33

Bloody child. They were fine until today 😩.

My own fault. Next time will out shoes out the way if plan to sell on

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