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Wtf is the condom challenge

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FairyFluffbum Tue 29-Dec-15 17:22:37

And when did it get popular?!

I have never heard of this till now..

A teen has gotten the herpes complex virus after using a used condom for the condom challenge.

He got off have died doing this.

Wtf do people think?

Link for those who want to see

magoria Tue 29-Dec-15 17:24:03

It is very funny to watch on youtube.

But ew why the hell would anyone use a used condom.

I hadn't heard about anyone dying from it until you said so though.

BanningTheWordNaice Tue 29-Dec-15 17:25:52

BanningTheWordNaice Tue 29-Dec-15 17:26:36

BanningTheWordNaice Tue 29-Dec-15 17:26:48

Although yes, it's stupid.

UndramaticPause Tue 29-Dec-15 17:30:43

Dammit banning you beat me to it!

agapimou Tue 29-Dec-15 17:32:32

Why do people quote snopes like its some kind of authority?

Although I do agree that the condom stories seem false.

TaliZorah Tue 29-Dec-15 17:33:18

I've seen worse like NekNomination...

FairyFluffbum Tue 29-Dec-15 17:37:03

My bad I didn't check the veracity of it.

All the same this still seems to be a stupid challenge. Like the neknominations mentioned above

catfordbetty Tue 29-Dec-15 17:55:58

Why do people quote snopes like its some kind of authority?

The article you link to is itself pretty weak. Have you read it?

FairyFluffbum Tue 29-Dec-15 18:05:56

Yes I read it and I already held my hands up and apologises. No need to continue sniping.

I thought it was real as most people are idiots when had a few drinks

BanningTheWordNaice Tue 29-Dec-15 19:03:01

agapimou I don't often quote snopes but this is fairly clearcut - there's no reports of herpes/death due to the condom challenge on any sensible websites and had someone died because of it the Daily Mail would have run a 4 page spread on the failings of today's youth.

BanningTheWordNaice Tue 29-Dec-15 19:03:19

There are*

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