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To be too quick to decide things?

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LordBrightside Tue 29-Dec-15 15:54:05

DW and I are building a house and are soon to move in. All is in hand.

Today we are online choosing blinds for our bedroom and DS's bedroom. Blinds for everywhere else can wait.

Looked at a few sites and found blinds for each room from Homebase that we both like and Homebase has a sale on so everything comparable elsewhere is more expensive.

Deal done I say, just buy the things and move on but DW wants to keep looking and is giving me looks of bafflement when I say lets just get these.

AIBU by being too quick to decide?

AuntieStella Tue 29-Dec-15 15:56:13

No, UANBU. And she INBU either.

Catzpyjamas Tue 29-Dec-15 15:56:53

If your DW is anything like my DM, she will look in every other shop then go back and get those ones in Homebase BUT she will be pleased to know there was nothing better out there grin

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