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To wish he could bloody prioritise

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Sandsnake Tue 29-Dec-15 13:46:22

We have 7 week old DS1 - first baby, not 'easy' but we're all doing ok. Since he was born I have had to learn to prioritise ruthlessly in terms of which tasks need to be done first in order for DS to be fed/ clothed/ out of the house. DH has been great with him but just doesn't seem to be able to learn this.

Example - today there is rare sunshine and we have planned to go out. Go through the usual morning rush of feeding / changing / washing etc. to the point that - hooray - we're pretty much ready to go! DH goes upstairs for a shower, an hour later he is still there. Go up to see where he is and he is in the middle of a totally non-urgent aesthetic DIY job. Two hours later and he's still at it, don't think it's going well so he's all frustrated. He's annoyed that I've told him (pretty calmly) that, whilst I understand he is doing a job, it wasn't the right time. There are tons of non-urgent things that I'd like to do around the house but that I cannot prioritise them.

AIBU to be frustrated by this? At the risk of being called out as a sexist I've noticed that this is more of a bloke thing (having to do random tasks at the least appropriate times). I guess it's not a massive deal, just frustrated that we're not able to enjoy the only day of the holidays where it's just the three of us.

Dipankrispaneven Tue 29-Dec-15 14:09:19

I'm afraid this is a bloke thing. He saw that the DIY job needed to be done, it was something that was more within his comfort zone, he got on and did it. I still remember the time DH had invited friends for the evening of a day when I was going to be out all day and told me it would be fine, he'd sort out the house and prepare the meal. I got back exhausted to find nothing cooked, the house in a state, but DH proudly demonstrating to me a soapdish that he'd put up. He simply couldn't understand why my response was less than enthusiastic.

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