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To say that it's pointless to talk about sexism/misogyny to men as they simply haven't experienced it?

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Destinysdaughter Mon 28-Dec-15 20:11:08

And therefore don't 'see' it. I had a discussion with a date recently and we were discussing losing weight. He said that most women he knew were on a diet and wondered why that was? When I said that women were continually bombarded by images of unattainable female perfection, he dismissed it by calling it ' nonsense'. Thereby shutting the discussion down. Ok this is just one example but I've had many, many similar discussions with men where they literally deny that women experience prejudice and discrimination simply because they don't see it ( or experience it) themselves.

I remember having a discussion at a dinner party where all the guests were TVs ( and one amazing, very feminist TS) and we were discussing the concept of ' male privilege'. All the men discussed it out of hand whereas my trans friend, who as a man, had now directly experienced the discrimination women face, living as a woman and was rightly outraged by it ( but, being over 6 foot was able to handle themselves) . I'm so tired of trying to explain or talk about this to men now that I just don't bother. It's as if, 'if it doesn't happen to ME, it doesn't happen'

Maybe this should be in Feminist Chat but I wanted to know what other people thought about this issue...

Sighing Mon 28-Dec-15 20:16:57

I think explaining the day to day experiences is good (examples, specifics). If one guy then goes on to witness a man coming out with something ... they'll notice and notice. Chipping away at their rose tinted specs.

Also. You can talk about how patriarchy affects men. It tends to derail some men who gear up to some sort of rant about that's just perceptions etc. There's a campaign st the moment about this in relation to men's mental health and the impact of stereotypes for men in a misogynistic world.

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