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Aibu to be annoyed about this parking situation

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Dinobab Mon 28-Dec-15 10:23:20

Moved into a new built blockof flats,there's 7 blocks of about 20 flats so a lot, basically.
Most people have parking spaces and we don't, which is fine but a little annoying as there is a carpark attached to every block, with enough parking spaces for everyone, but they sold 3 of the spaces from our car park to people with second cars who live in the block opposite (its half housing association, half private. Our block is HA and we weren't allocated a space because we were one of the smaller families, just me and DS)
There's visitor parking bays but they have all been constantly taken up by the same cars and haven't moved for months, must be second cars I guess but surely that's not the point in visitor parking bays!? It's frustrating because they literally never move, don't know why they even have cars they haven't used for months it's weird.
The car park is always mostly empty because most people from our block given a parking space don't have cars, and they have a ticket warden to check that the right cars are in the right spaces, they aren't allowed to let family or viaitors park in their parking space (stupid rule, because if its their parking space, why can't they let their visitors park there?? Otherwise it's just empty)

My main issue though is that you're not allowed to even park outside to pick people up/drop off. Weve ended up with so many fines from bringing shopping inside, parking outside for 2minutes running upstairs to get keys we forgot, etc
The nearest place you can park sometines is a 15 minute walk away, which is fine nost of the time but not when you are late and just need to grab something you forgot.
We paid a fine we got, have proof we paid it and yet the parking company keep threatening to take us to court even though we've paid them! The HA say they can't do anything about that.
I know parking isbt a right, but we live in a small town, not London, there's no lack of parking space in general and all I want is to not get a £100 fine for trying to get things in the car with a toddler in tow for 5 minutes confused

RamblingRedRose Mon 28-Dec-15 10:29:44

Can you do a deal with one of your neighbors who don't have a car?Perhaps they could register your car and you could give them a little money every month. Or is that too dodgy?

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