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To admit things got really out of control

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amberhills Sun 27-Dec-15 17:24:23

Not just over Christmas (understandable?) but all of 2015 really. I was living knee deep in shit.

I'm so proud and I think I've sorted most of it

What I'm most ashamed of is a lingering smell of animal waste, I ordered something meant to remove it but it hasn't worked - any tips? sad

Gliblet Sun 27-Dec-15 17:26:34

Well done for getting that far!

Is it soaked into floorboards? Impregnated in carpet/curtains? Do you still have the animals (it's a bugger convincing cats for example to change their peeing habits).

amberhills Sun 27-Dec-15 17:27:59

Still have cats yes, it's definitely in the floor itself. I took up the flooring and chucked it as it was so filthy.

Gliblet Sun 27-Dec-15 17:28:47

Wooden flooring or concrete/tile?

amberhills Sun 27-Dec-15 17:30:08

Cork (thanks!)

Gliblet Sun 27-Dec-15 17:35:47

If it's an option (within budget) I'd be inclined to rip out the cork flooring and replace it. If not, you might have to do repeated cleans - cork is seriously absorbent so it might just come down to forcing it to absorb something neutralising (solution of white vinegar and bicarb), waiting for it to dry and then repeating. Don't use anything ammonia based though as your cats will just treat it as an invitation to pee there!

amberhills Sun 27-Dec-15 17:37:01

Yeah, I definitely will but I probably won't be able to afford it for a couple of months xx

RoganJosh Sun 27-Dec-15 17:39:02

Could you slosh a solution of biological washing powder in warm water over it? I'd try that and then bicarb.

Baressentials Sun 27-Dec-15 17:39:13

Good on you for sorting it!
No clue about how to get rid of the smell tho but wanted to wish you all the best for 2016 fsmile

MrsDeVere Sun 27-Dec-15 17:40:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Junosmum Sun 27-Dec-15 17:41:04

Well done on getting it sorted. Unfortunately the smell will have penetrated all soft furnishings and anything permeable- your sofa, arm chair, cushions, curtains, floor boards, wall paper etc and will be very very hard to remove.

My suggestion is to wash everything you can in a hot wash, plenty of detergent and hang to dry outside. Then scrub everything else with a solution of bicarb of soda made in to a paste with a few tablespoons of water. Also buy a squirty bottle and fill with lemon juice vinegar and water (1/3 of each) and spray it on everything you cannot wash or scrub, turn your heating on high and open all your windows and wedge open all external and internal doors. Do the spray/ scrub/ washing on the same day and first thing and leave the heating on and windows open all day.

You may have to do the above 3/4 times before it works.

theycallmemellojello Sun 27-Dec-15 17:42:00

Is replacing the corck a possibility? I looked after two cats in a small flat for one hot summer and they would wee somewhere random everyday - I think out of stress at the hot weather and being separated from their usual owner. It was really miserable and the smell really gets to you - I feel your pain. I found the biological/enzyme type washing products specially designed for cat pee did work on fabrics. But I'm not sure it would work on cork. I think that if you can afford it, the best thing do do might be to replace - or at least, is it possible to take up the cork tiles and wash them through (with some of the special washing product mixed in water)? The smell really gets everywhere, and I'd make getting rid of it a priority, as it gives you headaches etc and really can make you depressed. I also agree that getting cats to change their peeing habits can be hard - you have to keep checking if they're still doing it by just sniffing around unfortunately. Do you have a lot of cats? If you're finding it hard to cope then there would be no shame in rehoming them.

amberhills Sun 27-Dec-15 17:43:11

Thank you smile

Basically, I'm not going to lie, it was AWFUL. I don't even know how it happened but I just stopped caring - I think I was so busy and also grieving.

Anyway I ripped the carpets out and I put laminate floor in, I did it by watching videos on YouTube. But the cork flooring in the bathroom still stinks of cat blush It's better than it was but still not lovely. Obviously!

Is laminate suitable for a bathroom, or could I try tiling?

Baressentials Sun 27-Dec-15 17:44:38

Wow - impressed you did the laminate yourself! Was it hard?

RoganJosh Sun 27-Dec-15 17:46:44

I'd probably go for nice quality lino. We had one in our downstairs loo and it was fine.

amberhills Sun 27-Dec-15 17:47:09

It was really hard bare I am not going to lie!!

Baressentials Sun 27-Dec-15 17:47:55

Ha ha ok thanks - maybe I won't try it then!

AnotherCider Sun 27-Dec-15 17:47:55

Oh yes, laminate is perfect for the bathroom.

Well done for sorting yourself out!!

greenfolder Sun 27-Dec-15 17:48:40

We got vynil tiles for bathroom, easy to lay and economical.

RideEmCowgirl Sun 27-Dec-15 17:48:44

We have vinel in the bathroom and hallway. Looks really nice.

Gliblet Sun 27-Dec-15 17:48:50

Laminate would be okay in a bathroom if you sealed the hell out of it after fitting it - think yacht varnish, multiple coats (or an equivalent).

amberhills Sun 27-Dec-15 17:50:05

Vinyl tiles, are they easy?

Schrodingersmum Sun 27-Dec-15 17:53:24

Jackson Galaxy (cat guru) recommends Fizzion for cat smells, we ordered it from Amazon and have found it brilliant with a persistant fur monsters scent marking

girlguide123 Sun 27-Dec-15 17:53:26

how about ripping up the cork and leaving the floor bare, with a bath mat on, until you can afford something better?

we once moved into a house which had been owned by an alcoholic, we had to scrub the floorboards around the loo with a leach solution, repeatedly, to get rid of the urine stench. it's painful.

a big WELL DONE for making such good progress, what a great way to start 2016!

gamerchick Sun 27-Dec-15 17:53:36

B&M do the floor tiles for a good price. They're self stick but you still need some sort of adhesive IMO. Ythey don't last for years and years considering they're 2-3 quid a pack but they look good down and might help you for the shorterm.

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