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to be totally fucked off

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wheniwonder Sun 27-Dec-15 13:03:15

I have been poorly the whole of Christmas and have at some points had no voice for hours. As a pub landlady the show must go on but really why is DH so dense? Why do my DP's feel they need to chat on the phone to me in my few hours off? Why does DH ask questions from rooms away and want to discuss stuff that can wait.
The 'day' was shit unless you were my DH and I saw my DD's for a couple of hours (and he was out or in bed). Had one decent meal and I cooked that.
sad Just shit

Phalenopsisgirl Sun 27-Dec-15 20:13:47

If you are feeling fucked off then you have every right to be. Dh s tend to be a bit dense when it comes to illness as I bet you are soldiering on so he thinks you are fine. He would probably take to his bed to show how near death he was. Just tell everyone you love them but you can't talk until new year! Then get to bed, it sounds like you need and deserve it. January is not far away and everyone will be on diets and you'll get some peace, just as you feel much better if the law of sod prevails!

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