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Merguez Sat 26-Dec-15 13:11:48

... either complaining about what you got, or other people complaining about what you gave them?

Just a reminder - it's the season of peace & goodwill to all mankind.

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-Dec-15 13:13:05

YANBU. It's Moansnet on here at the moment.

SauvignonBlanche Sat 26-Dec-15 13:14:36

You must be new? Hello! fgrin
It's the same every year, shocking isnt it?

RatOnnaStick Sat 26-Dec-15 13:14:38

Better to vent on here than start WW3 in real life though, surely? I bet most of the moany threads are started by people to save RL trouble with families.

WorraLiberty Sat 26-Dec-15 13:16:05

It's the same every year.

It's also the same on Mother's day/Valentine's day and sometimes at Easter.

I don't get those who say 'it's better to vent on here'.

I think the OP's point is, why do people need to vent at all?

WhatamessIgotinto Sat 26-Dec-15 13:16:12

Merguez I was honestly just about to post exactly the same thing.

I'm genuinely surprised at the amount of people moaning about their gifts whether it's a 'crap' toiletry set or bracelet. No wonder so many children are ungrateful for anything these days if the adults around them behave like this. Fucking horrible.

Merguez Sat 26-Dec-15 13:16:28

That's true Rat

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-Dec-15 13:16:43

It is a bit like this every year but I think this year has been worse. I don't know what replies people expect TBH.

sandylion Sat 26-Dec-15 13:17:25

YANBU why do people need to feel the need to vent at all? Who the fuck gives a shit about presents when they are a grown up? Cannot get my head around it.

Thornrose Sat 26-Dec-15 13:18:31

It's officially Moaners and trollsnet today.

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-Dec-15 13:18:44

Just go out into the garden and have a scream. Posting on here just drags out the angst.

WhatamessIgotinto Sat 26-Dec-15 13:18:55

I think it's been much worse this year. Far too many spoilt princess type posts.

LineyReborn Sat 26-Dec-15 13:19:00

I'm more shocked by the number of women saying that they received nothing. Women who are wives/partners/mothers.

specialsubject Sat 26-Dec-15 13:19:18

it gets worse; last year there was a 're-gifting' thread. If people grew up and stopped swapping overpriced, overpackaged tat there would be a lot less waste. THAT'S why toiletry sets annoy; massive waste of resources.

declare an adult present cease-fire right now if you have stuff you don't want. Pack it away for a month then send it to refugees, women's refuges, give to charity shops, whatever.

RatOnnaStick Sat 26-Dec-15 13:19:30

Because some people need a safe outlet to blow up? Shouting at complete strangers online is an easy way to let it out and then they can go and carry on keeping the peace at home.

I do think Mumsnet has its place as somewhere to have a gossipy bitchfest about your nearest and dearest such as one might down the pub with friends, but because nobody knows who you are on here its a reasonably safe bet that nothing nasty will get back to those it might upset.

Thornrose Sat 26-Dec-15 13:19:34

Baylis and Harding vs Molton Brown is the festive version on BF vs Ff. grin

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-Dec-15 13:20:36

If MN didn't exist what would these people do? Spontaneously combust?

WorraLiberty Sat 26-Dec-15 13:21:45

The excuse offered up for the brat-like moaning is often, "But I always put so much effort into their presents".

Some people enjoy gift buying. Some people are very good at gift buying.

But that doesn't mean everyone is the same.

MrsJayy Sat 26-Dec-15 13:21:54

They are moaning all over the place today ive not read any crap present thread as its just same moan diffent poster

RatOnnaStick Sat 26-Dec-15 13:23:08

at their nearest and dearest, Sparkling? Yes maybe, or simmer and simmer and simmer until it comes out somewhere else. MN is a proxy. Just like NM or the pub, or the school gate, or anywhere people might come and say 'there,there, let it all out' or 'take a deep breath and look at yourself' whichever is appropriate.

Why not MN?

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sat 26-Dec-15 13:23:15

It's my third year here. It is the same every year.

I have not seen one this year from a donor complaining their lovingly crafted home made present was not appreciated all they got was mass produced commercial crap or one from a donee complaining that although they gave an expensive branded gift all they got was badly made home made crap.

daisychain01 Sat 26-Dec-15 13:23:51

I can't believe the people whose DP can't even be arsed to buy a gift or card are happy together the rest of the year. They just see the general malaise of their relationship playing out like a Christmas panto because other people are treated well by their DP

Comparison can be painful....

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-Dec-15 13:25:37

Good job MN exists then. grin Providing a service for the moaners. I think some posters should be taking a very long look at themselves.

We really could do with that 'Petty Gripes' topic we keep asking for. keep it all contained.

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sat 26-Dec-15 13:26:23

The excuse offered up for the brat-like moaning is often, "But I always put so much effort into their presents".

So true.

RatOnnaStick Sat 26-Dec-15 13:28:18

Yes and YES to the Petty Gripes topic. Threads should disappear after about 48 hours to allow the moan, the response, the reply to the response and the gin/cake passing then bugger off into the ether, never to embarrass the OP again.

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