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To think £30 each is stingy?

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Lightbulbon Fri 25-Dec-15 19:32:09

DF came for Xmas dinner.

Brought a card for all of us (no separate cards for dcs) with £150 in it. There are 5 of us so that's £30 each.

He ate our 'naice' food and drank our wine/prosecco and has now left to meet his friends in the pub.

He has an income of at least £2k pcm and has had a massive amount of financial help from us recently.

Aibu to think that £30 each plus a few cheap chocs (think celebrations) is a bit shit?

(Plus he spelt dp's easy to spell name wrong on the card)

Other people's DFs/GPs aren't like this are they?

It just makes me sad tbh.

ConfusedInBath Fri 25-Dec-15 19:33:06


TheBunnyOfDoom Fri 25-Dec-15 19:33:20


WaitrosePigeon Fri 25-Dec-15 19:33:27

I'm sorry but I don't think there's anything wrong with that...

cromwell44 Fri 25-Dec-15 19:33:52

Sad that someone gave you £150. Get a grip.

MarianneSolong Fri 25-Dec-15 19:33:58

Exactly how much cash would you regard as acceptable?

PhilPhilConnors Fri 25-Dec-15 19:34:03


MummySparkle Fri 25-Dec-15 19:34:22

I would say YABU. We've spent no more than £20 on our closest relatives. The DCs maybe £50 each. Most people only around £5, but they still have lovely gifts and have been really touched by them. But then I don't have a big salary. £150 would by a wonderful family day out for everyone though

greenfolder Fri 25-Dec-15 19:35:07

Well, if you recently had to help him financially what were you hoping for?

99percentchocolate Fri 25-Dec-15 19:35:18

I think that's quite generous actually considering you know he has had financial help recently so is obviously struggling. Yabu.

ShellyF Fri 25-Dec-15 19:35:20

Seems like plenty to me

alteredimages Fri 25-Dec-15 19:35:23

I think £150 between the five of you is pretty generous really. Not stingy at all.

legoqueen Fri 25-Dec-15 19:35:46

YABU. It's about spending time with family, not about spending a de minimus amount.

jamhot Fri 25-Dec-15 19:35:57

A gift is a bonus, not something to be expected.

Also, that's a decent amount of money. If you can't find yourself something nice for thirty quid, you're a shit shopper.

JE1234 Fri 25-Dec-15 19:36:10

YABU and grabby. If you've needed to help him out financially then he surely isn't flush at the moment. Either way £150 is lots of money!

GreenRug Fri 25-Dec-15 19:36:50

Yabu. £150? You should count yourself lucky.

PrimeDirective Fri 25-Dec-15 19:37:05

It just makes me sad tbh.

Your post makes me sad tbh.

LovelyFriend Fri 25-Dec-15 19:37:06

I can't remember the last time I had a present from my Dad!

TheOriginalMerylStrop Fri 25-Dec-15 19:38:00

I don't think that is stingy, rather that you are avaricious and lacking in Christmas spirit

ConfusedInBath Fri 25-Dec-15 19:38:10

I'm guessing this is a Christmas Day wind up.

LovelyFriend Fri 25-Dec-15 19:38:13

But no I don't think £30 each is stingy. Have a lovely family day out.

LovelyFriend Fri 25-Dec-15 19:38:30

On granddad

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Fri 25-Dec-15 19:38:34

Isn't Christmas about being together with friends and family and not about the money? £150 could be used to buy a lovely family gift.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 25-Dec-15 19:38:46

Well £30 may not be a lot but, It sure as hell aint a little either.
He ate all your food and drank your wine. Would you rather the food and Drink got wasted.

AddictedtoGreys Fri 25-Dec-15 19:38:49

YABU. You have him financial help, maybe he can't afford anymore. And I think £30 to spend on a relative is more than enough.

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