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to think this is a bit cruel?

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GracefulSwanPaddlingLegs Fri 25-Dec-15 16:35:56

This is the second time DCS have done alternate Christmas with ex but has been a bit harder this year as he now has a live in partner playing mum. Friend has been saying since this afternoon she knows it's a hard time so come over but when I said yes please she's not responded (don't know address and said so).

YourLittlePlantPot Fri 25-Dec-15 16:40:18

Aw lovey I doubt it's intentional. She probably has left her phone to the side. I would personally go over anyway if it was a clear invite with a wee box of chocolates or something

GracefulSwanPaddlingLegs Fri 25-Dec-15 16:54:22

I don't have her address and said so. I admit I might be ABU but it bloody hurts.

ThreenageMutantWhingerTurtle Fri 25-Dec-15 16:56:27

Send the message again in case it didn't go through.

Bunbaker Fri 25-Dec-15 17:00:25

Can you ring her instead of texting?

toomuchinternets Fri 25-Dec-15 17:12:03

Give her a ring love, christmas is a chaos and she's probably left the phone on the sofa- it's SHIT being alone at crimbo.

TheBunnyOfDoom Fri 25-Dec-15 17:12:12

Ring her - she might not hear a text if she's busy or the TV's on loud.

Bambooshoots14 Fri 25-Dec-15 17:13:02

Yes I'd ring. I'm normally attached to my phone but have hardly touched it today

Ginkypig Fri 25-Dec-15 17:52:11

Yes call.

I had a txt today from this morning that I didn't see until 5:30 this evening!

CombineBananaFister Fri 25-Dec-15 17:54:23

I had a txt this morning that got missed in the bedlam until now, probably hasn't seen it?

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Fri 25-Dec-15 18:07:19

I hope you can get hold of her. Baby hid my phone yesterday morning, only found it after 11pm!
Easily done.
Big Christmas hugs to you anyway, ring her. Good luck

nickelbabe Fri 25-Dec-15 18:34:43

i think you should ring her too - say that you don't have her address and that you'll be over when she's ready for you.
she probably didn't see your reply, has assumed you know where she lives and wonders why you haven't turned up

B33rTricksPott3r Fri 25-Dec-15 18:54:35

My phone is an absolute arse at hanging on to messages that people don't receive. Give her a ring.

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