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Effing packaging!

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FairyFluffbum Thu 24-Dec-15 12:49:05

My mum has come round today to give my kids their Christmas presents. We won't be seeing her tomorrow so she wanted to do it today so she can see them open them.

My god.....I would have an easier time breaking into the Bank of England.

The packaging is ridiculous! Cable ties here, twist the plastic piece there, sticky tape everywhere else!

Bloody things

londonrach Thu 24-Dec-15 12:53:57

I feel your pain! Wait till you have to put something together after unwrapping it. Cant remember which xmas by it took my dad, brother in law and my dh 3 hours to put something together on xmas.

Eminybob Thu 24-Dec-15 12:57:35

What gets me is these days they screw the toys to the packaging! So you need a screwdriver, a pair of scissors and a Stanley knife just to get the toy out of the box.

I've just remembered that I didn't buy any batteries. Oh bloody hell.

RomComPhooey Thu 24-Dec-15 13:01:22

I've just remembered that I didn't buy any batteries. Oh bloody hell.

And this is a problem because..? (Can you tell we don't miss the noisy toys phase?)

hefzi Thu 24-Dec-15 15:46:12

I always make sure I put extra batteries with all the extremely noisy toys I give my friends' children - it's those little touches that mean so much grin

FairyFluffbum Thu 24-Dec-15 18:15:31

My mum supplied batteries...I couldn't get out of it

<mutters darkly> you buy one fucking noisy toy for her ds 2 years ago and she repays the favour 5x...bitch grin

yorkshapudding Thu 24-Dec-15 20:23:44

Shit, batteries fshock. Knew i'd forget something.

Eminybob, DH and I were just moaning about this newfangled screwing toys into packaging bollocks! Why have they started doing this?The little twisty plastic bits have always been irritating but at least you didn't need your bloody toolbox to open them.

Unfairestofthemall Thu 24-Dec-15 20:45:09

A friend of mine would open and unpackage all the toys before putting them back in the box and wrapping them. That way you only have to deal with toys from other people.
Tis a tradition of christmas though isn't it to spend half of the day cutting your fingertips off on tiny cable ties and silently cursing. Where's your festive spirit? grin

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