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To be annoyed at Sis

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Tink06 Thu 24-Dec-15 00:17:58

A bit petty but its really peed me off.
Basically mum had an amazon ordered delivered twice by accident. I think she did try (although not very hard) to return it but has ended up with 2 lots of stuff.
One of the items was something i was going to buy dd so i said if you do keep it she would really love that, I was going to get it her. All fine.
Saw sis earlier and she said has to go out in the morning to get a few things, including my dds present. We laughed about being unorganised. We have dds the same age so she knows how much they love getting family gifts n she also knows what she would like so not a hassle for her to get something. We are talking a tenner tops. I usually get them the same thing.
Less than 2 hours later she called round and said oh by the way I have bought your dd ....... (item on the order) so don't get it her. I even said that was in mums order n she blatantly lied and said she bought it ages ago and then quickly left. I was too shocked to say anything else.
I am not at all bothered about the present or the value its the blatant lie and the insult to my intelligence that's annoyed me. As if we didn't have all those earlier conversations! Am a bit puzzled as to why she is pretending we didn't. Should probably just go along with it but am still really annoyed. If she had said Im a bit skint so going to do that I wouldnt have been bothered at all -we are close enough for her to able to say that (or so I thought) Aibu?

Mmmmcake123 Thu 24-Dec-15 00:24:52

Is she therefore getting a freebie gift for your DD that you had already dibs'd but pretending she bought it?
If so, that's very annoying, what does your mum have to say about it?

Tink06 Thu 24-Dec-15 00:32:37

Am not bothered about missing out. Mum was going to give it her not me. It wasn't a big item but something on her list (which i had forgotten so would have bought). Not annoyed about that its the fact we have had several conversations about it which I either pretend didn't happen or I say something and look like the bad guy.

Ipigglemustdie Thu 24-Dec-15 06:26:03

Seems pretty strange if she doesn't have form for that. Uanbu

theycallmemellojello Thu 24-Dec-15 06:35:33

I don't get it - if she got the item off your mum, surely your mum would have mentioned the conversation she had with you earlier?

StrictlyMumDancing Thu 24-Dec-15 07:01:49

I get you OP. I've had and xf and my sister do this to me loads. Conversations I have with my DM regarding my sister often take this form too. And whatever the outcome, it won't be that they're wrong or being arseholes - its you, because you're making a fuss. And of course the fuss isn't over the lie, its because you're just having a strop isn't it (according to them)?

In truth, its highly frustrating to deal with people who make it into your issue when really they could get away with a simple 'oh I'm so sorry, I totally forgot'. But that would mean they'd need to acknowledge they've cocked up somehow.

Totally assuming there's form btw.

Tink06 Thu 24-Dec-15 07:46:54

Am going to ask her today. Think its more hurtful than anything. We are very close, our dds are like sisters and we spend loads of time together. I take time choosing things I think her kids will really like.
What i think has happened is she has left it too late and now can't be arsed so mum trying to save the day will have said why don't you take that to give her. A bit hurtful when she will have been getting v similar, suitable gifts quite a few times for her own kids so it wouldn't have been hard for her . She lives about a mile from a huge B&M full of suitable cheap pressies.
Am going to ask her again today and remind her of previous conversations and see what she says. She either thinks I am totally stupid or wont say anything so as not to cause an argument. She is youngest sibling so is often given a lot of slack, even though we are all adults now. She does have a bit of form for thoughtless pressies - bought me a set of anti wrinkle face cream once when I was about 40 and feeling v sensitive about my age, year before a v practical work cardigan, the kind of I would buy my 70 year old mil.......we stopped buying adult presents after that! She rarely buys pressies for class parties either, usually sticks a fiver in a card (again despite passing BnM on a daily basis).

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