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would you have a nap when in sole charge of two school-aged DC?

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JimmyGreavesMoustache Tue 22-Dec-15 10:36:36

haven't decide yet so no need to shout at me.

I am not sleeping well and am in desperate need of a nap - for various reasons there is no chance of a lie-in or an early night this week.

I could really do with going back to bed for half an hour. I need actual sleep though - laying on the sofa with my eyes shut while they play is not going to cut it. Would you?

Hatethis22 Tue 22-Dec-15 10:37:20

What age?

MaybeAnOverthinker Tue 22-Dec-15 10:38:16

How old? Unless one of them was at least 12 then I wouldn't... Unless I could convince them to get in bed with me and nap too (mine loved this when younger!)

BitOutOfPractice Tue 22-Dec-15 10:38:38

Depends entirely on age of course

JimmyGreavesMoustache Tue 22-Dec-15 10:38:55

they're young - 5 and 8
no way will the 5yo have a nap sad

Hatethis22 Tue 22-Dec-15 10:41:39

8 and 5? I'd buy/rent them a new film through the tv and set an alarm for an hour. An 8 year old can cope with waking you if they need to.

Enjolrass Tue 22-Dec-15 10:41:39

At 5&8 I would have put a movie on and tried to snooze in the living room.

Mine are 11 and 4. No way could the oldest make the youngest be quiet. So would snooze in the sofa now

ChristmasZombie Tue 22-Dec-15 10:42:24

I can completely understand the need for a nap! But I don't think you can reasonably leave them unattended. Could you pull them into bed with you and give them a tablet to watch or play on, while you doze? Not ideal, but you do have to take care of yourself somehow.

Hatethis22 Tue 22-Dec-15 10:42:57

12 shock

You do know that thousands of 11 year olds make their own way to and from school on public transport!

BadLad Tue 22-Dec-15 10:45:35

I would. Tell the 8-year-old to wake you in half an hour or earlier if there's any problem at all.

TENDTOprocrastinate Tue 22-Dec-15 10:46:23

Well my 8 and 3 year old got up 2 hours before me (at 5.30 am apparently!) this morning. The eldest even prepared the 3 year old some cereal. So I think a cheeky nap is fine- they can wake you if needed. Just make sure the doors are locked so they can't open the door to strangers.

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 22-Dec-15 10:46:52

Go for it. shove them.a film.on and gi to bed.

Enjolrass Tue 22-Dec-15 10:47:05

You do know that thousands of 11 year olds make their own way to and from school on public transport

Yes. My 11 year old does too.

That doesn't mean she is mature enough to look after a younger very noisy sibling.

I really don't get why the 'most 11 year olds get themselves to school' argument is relevant on these threads

Pollyputhtekettleon Tue 22-Dec-15 10:47:23

I 5hink 8 and 5 would be grand. Go for it. Just set up a movie and give them a drunk and snack before you lie down (with the door open) so that they don't go rooting in the kitchen. Even a 5yr old can call you or come get you in your room if needed.

WorraLiberty Tue 22-Dec-15 10:47:25

It would be the couch for me.

Moonriver1 Tue 22-Dec-15 10:47:39


My dc walked to and from school alone from age 10 and we have left them alone in the house for up to two hours from age 11 (year 7).

Dear God.

Hatethis22 Tue 22-Dec-15 10:48:06

Who is noise going to hurt confused

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Tue 22-Dec-15 10:49:38

Film on, snacks and drinks to hand, nap on the sofa is what I would do.

KondosSecretJunkRoom Tue 22-Dec-15 10:50:01

I'd put on a movie on for them and go for a sleep.

AndNowItsSeven Tue 22-Dec-15 10:51:19

Yes if course it's fine, do people not realise dc are left unattended in their own bedrooms daily while parents sleep.

ScarlettDarling Tue 22-Dec-15 10:51:31

I hope you've gone to bed and are enjoying your nap?!

Unless your children have additional needs which you haven't mentioned, then they'll be absolutely fine if you're upstairs having a kip!

JimmyGreavesMoustache Tue 22-Dec-15 10:59:03

we are going to go to the park. plan is to run them ragged, then feed a carb-heavy lunch and park them in front of a DVD afterwards

Hulababy Tue 22-Dec-15 11:03:17

I think they'll be fine.

I know many parents who let their children go and watch tv in a morning whilst they snooze in bed for a short lie in. Is having a nap any different?

chanelfreak Tue 22-Dec-15 11:08:48

They'll be fine! Enjoy your nap OP

ghostspirit Tue 22-Dec-15 11:09:49

my 5 and 8 year old are up at least an hour or 2 before me in the mornings. well school holidays anyway. i stay sleep and they are on play station/laptop and eating.

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