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To hate Lena Fokina's "yoga"

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FairyFluffbum Tue 22-Dec-15 08:16:28

I'm sure this has been done before but it has appeared on fb and I got that sick feeling in my tummy again

I really hate seeing it. Yes I know it's a cultural thing but I cannot possibly see why on earth she seems to think it's acceptable to it. Worrying thing is for parents to try to copy it and find it acceptable as seen here

Poor babies sad

DoreenLethal Tue 22-Dec-15 08:20:37

I have to say I can't watch that without wanting to find her and chuck her around a bit.

Alisvolatpropiis Tue 22-Dec-15 08:23:04

I've near heard of Lena Folkina before.

The babies don't seem distressed but some of that talent show video made me wince a bit.

FairyFluffbum Tue 22-Dec-15 08:25:12

No in the talent show the babies were OK..but in the first video the poor baby is screaming to high heaven and the parents are just standing there smiling

BrandNewAndImproved Tue 22-Dec-15 08:25:31

The first one with her is awful.

I quite liked the talent show although I couldn't get shaken baby syndrome out of my head. The babies did look happy though.

Alisvolatpropiis Tue 22-Dec-15 08:26:21

I've just looked her up and came across a Daily Fail article from 2012 complete with photographs. I am genuinely horrified, she shouldn't be allowed anywhere near babies, ever.

catfordbetty Tue 22-Dec-15 08:27:54

It looks very dangerous to me. Treating babies like this would get you arrested in lots of countries, surely?

Alisvolatpropiis Tue 22-Dec-15 08:29:52

I can't click on the first video my phone isn't playing ball. Not sure I want to see it having seen stills of her using her "method".

FairyFluffbum Tue 22-Dec-15 08:32:57

Daily fail article if interested

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