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to think I've only got a cold, because I was feeling smug about not having a cold yesterday?

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MrsBertMacklin Mon 21-Dec-15 20:23:19

I haven't seen or spoken to anyone since Friday morning. I've only been outside once in the last 24 hours, to Asda, where I used a self service till, with gloves, and was in and out within minutes.

Was also at home yesterday, reading about the unseasonably warm weather, when it occurred to me that I've not had a cold this winter. I had a fleeting moment of warm smugness.

Now sitting here with that phlegmy feeling in the back of my throat and the start of sinusitis.

AIBU to think that the universe, rather than a virus, has bestowed this cold on me?

HackerFucker22 Mon 21-Dec-15 20:29:50

I was feeling smug that dc1 managed a whole half term (he only started then) at preschool without any illness and now we're all fucking ill. Coughs and colds so I guess it could be worse.

Diggum Mon 21-Dec-15 20:30:11


The universe did similar to me when I was musing the other day about how great DD's sleep had been lately.

It ended swiftly.

That universe can be a right bastard.
flowers and brew for you.

Christmascrackerz Mon 21-Dec-15 20:32:21

Yes, you've brought it on yourself!. Get some first defence nasal spray stuff - it does work for me.

pointysettia Mon 21-Dec-15 20:41:35

Yep, it's that bugger Murphy and his Law - gets you every time.
I haven't caught anything yet either, but I am not feeling smug. This happened last year as well, and then in early May I was felled by the monster cold from Hell and had to take 4 days off sick. And it took me three weeks to stop coughing.

MrsBertMacklin Mon 21-Dec-15 21:51:40

Damn my brain for thinking about being lucky this year.

Ah well, nothing to be done at this point - I'm off work from today anyway, so nothing stopping me from resting, dosing up with meds and watching films.

RoosterCogburn Mon 21-Dec-15 21:53:47

My friends foolishly boasted about being cold free last Monday - I told her she toying with fate... by Wednesday she had a full blown streaming cold along with a hacking cough

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