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AIBU to post this again (sorry to all veggies)

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Calaisienne Mon 21-Dec-15 19:56:06

1. Refrigerator Thawing

This is the easiest method for defrosting a turkey — but it also takes the longest amount of time, so you’ll need to plan ahead.

• Keep the frozen turkey in its original, unopened wrapper and place breast side up in a container or tray that will prevent the turkey juices from dripping on other foods.

• Place the frozen turkey in the fridge — be sure your refrigerator temperature is set at 40 °F or below.

• You’ll need to allow about 24 hours for each 4 to 5 pounds of frozen turkey you plan to thaw in the fridge.

Approximate times to defrost a whole turkey in the fridge:
- 10 pounds — 2 days plus 12 hours
- 15 pounds — 3 days plus 18 hours
- 20 pounds — 5 days
- 25 pounds — 6 days plus 6 hours

Sniv Mon 21-Dec-15 22:29:39

This post reminds me of one of those Reddit bots that answers a question nobody asked.

TimeToMuskUp Mon 21-Dec-15 22:31:31

6 days to defrost a turkey? WTF? Is your turkey the size of a human man?

QOD Mon 21-Dec-15 22:32:21

Alternatively read the label wink

TheSpottedZebra Mon 21-Dec-15 22:34:05

Why are you apologising to all veggies?

BrandNewAndImproved Mon 21-Dec-15 22:38:12

I actually think your wrong sorry op.

The outside of the turkey will defrost before the inside and having a turkey sat in the fridge for six days isn't great food practise. I would expect the outside to go off!

I'm not finding a bone to pick, but I run a kitchen and wouldn't defrost my turkey for 6 days in the fridge. Once meat is defrosted it should be used within 24hrs not 6 days later.

GiddyOnZackHunt Mon 21-Dec-15 22:42:54

Meh. I'm a veggie and my guests are getting a fresh duck. So no defrosting at all. My biggest problem's going to be keeping it chilled in this weather!
Plus aren't you a bit late for a six day defrost?

BatsUpMyNightie Mon 21-Dec-15 22:43:08

You've posted this before then? I suppose anyone who read and followed the advice before is long since dead from food poisoning so on those grounds alone I guess YANBU.
6 days ffs shock

pigsDOfly Mon 21-Dec-15 22:47:31

I'm curious to know how you know how long it takes to defrost a human man TimeToMuskUp. [Grin]

Is this something you do on a regular basis? And do men take longer to defrost than women?

pigsDOfly Mon 21-Dec-15 22:48:14

What happened to my [Grin]

pigsDOfly Mon 21-Dec-15 22:48:59

oh for ff grin

Bunbaker Mon 21-Dec-15 22:52:58

I just buy fresh from our local butcher. Problem solved.

originalmavis Mon 21-Dec-15 22:54:32

I'm a veggie and have my carcass in the fridge for the Meaties.

Time to get the sprouts on...

Clockstooticky Mon 21-Dec-15 22:56:03

Are we posting random instructions we've found about the Internet.. Cool. I'll see what I can dig out.

DoreenLethal Mon 21-Dec-15 22:56:16

Why are you apologising to veggies? Not all veggies are delicate little truffles. Some just dont like the taste or thought of eating flesh.

Pipbin Mon 21-Dec-15 22:57:05

Why are you posting? Are you asking a question or stating a fact? I'm a veggie and I demand to know.

girlguide123 Mon 21-Dec-15 22:57:27

I don't have room in my freezer for a frozen turkey... I'l be picking up from M&S on the 23rd. but thanks anyway.

LagunaBubbles Mon 21-Dec-15 22:59:47

That word carcass has set me off again regarding a recent thread! fgrin

Pipbin Mon 21-Dec-15 23:00:33

• Place the frozen turkey in the fridge — be sure your refrigerator temperature is set at 40 °F or below.

My fridge is only in Celsius, and I am a veggie, how long should I defrost my nut roast for?

originalmavis Mon 21-Dec-15 23:02:01

Hang on...

TheSpottedZebra Mon 21-Dec-15 23:16:29

Defrost it for 8 weeks, 2 days in a conservatory, Pipbin

(sorry to all nut-allergics, and also to those who don't celebrate Xmas or have a conservatory)

GiddyOnZackHunt Mon 21-Dec-15 23:23:06

Oh jeez pipbin, you can't defrost it now You'll have to start soaking it a warm bath of unicorn sweat now so you can be sure to be ready for next year. Unless you're vegan. In which case flower dew should see you ready for Xmas 2017.

DonkeyOaty Mon 21-Dec-15 23:26:43

Zack your post reminded me of the famous gardener Bob Flowerdew who surely has the name most suited to occupation in the whole wide world.

HeffalumpTrap Mon 21-Dec-15 23:28:11

confused anyone else disturbingly work out how long they'd have to defrost their baby for? No? Just me then...

Llouh Mon 21-Dec-15 23:30:18

Heffalump I did that too grin I even mentioned it to DP

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