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to expect help from NHS not get passed from pillar to post ...

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willowcatkin111 Mon 21-Dec-15 18:55:27

Really painful shoulder on Friday (virtually no mobility), so went to Minor injuries. Told need to see a doctor and they kindly arrange for me to see one there. Doc prescribes painkillers BUT my GP has to refer for investigations into cause. Gets worse over next 24 hours and end up in OOH GP who gives me strong painkillers and again says see GP to refer for scans etc to find out cause as he is only dealing with symptoms.
Go to GP today for him to say i must see physio and must self refer at the MIU I went to on Friday and no scan until that proves cannot help. Physio have 4 week waiting list and involves exercise - which i cannot do as shoulder is too painful and doctor said do not do any exercise that is painful as it will make it worse.
Feel like I am going round in circles and left with no mobility in arm so cannot get dressed, cook, drive, work etc for next month. Scream!!!

IWasHereBeforeTheHack Mon 21-Dec-15 19:49:26

The 4-week waiting list may suddenly vanish if you explain you cannot carry out the basic functions you have listed here, ie getting dressed, cooking, going to work. Whatever you say, do not allow them to think you can manage! Cry down the phone?

I once got put to the back of a physio queue because they didn't think my injury was urgent - it wasn't stopping me from doing any of the above, it's just I'd had it for several weeks, tried various forms of self-help that didn't work and wanted professional help NOW. I ended up going private (2 sessions sorted me out). If that's not an option, be a pest to the physio clinic, and get up that queue!

Wolpertinger Mon 21-Dec-15 19:52:44

Your GP will almost certainly be limited by a referral management pathway - in most areas, referrals for musculoskeletal problems are banned unless you have tried and failed physio first. So all they can do is refer to physio. And in fairness, a lot of problems do get better on their own or with physio although this doesn't help you now.

If you can't afford private physio, pester the physio clinic, make it clear how immobile you are and how you will accept an appointment any time, even at short notice.

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