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Am I a pent up pregnant lady or AIBU

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Peyia Sun 20-Dec-15 20:02:03

I'm miffed. I'm eye watering, temple vein popping miffed. So bring me down to earth with your honest opinions please!

My husband's folk (who are divorced) live out of town so when ever they visit, they stay with us. I don't mind this, I get on with them. I find their controlling ways (father is direct and mother is subtle) challenging at times but generally the good outweigh the bad.

I'm in my first trimester so my usual tolerate mood is non existent. When we announced the pregnancy the mil asked if it was planned, fil asked if we could afford it. I was shocked (and saddened) at the audacity but let it go as I'm used to them treating us like children (we're in our 30's, have an affordable mortgage, happy in our jobs etc.)

Anyway fil is staying with us at the moment as he afford his help with decorating our house. He offered, we did not ask! Over breakfast my husband asked him if he can get on with x y and z and without any warning fil blew up at him saying we are treating him like he is one of the staff and that he feels unwelcome. I admit I have not been the doting 50's wife (not that I'm like that anyway!) as I'm struggling with sickness but I have cooked and offered drinks throughout the day. So now I'm basically sitting her with a face like a cats arse, stewing in my own anger and regret of not pulling him (and mil but to be fair she hasn't pissed me off in this instance) up on the insensitive response to our happy news and all the other stuff I've been sitting on when he's upset me. I usually do tell me and put them straight but with this being my husbands family I have really been trying to keep the peace.

What is wrong with some people? So honestly, do I need to back away from the hot poker or should I say something when the anger subsides. How would you approach it? I don't want to say anything that breaks the relationship down but is
writing to him too impersonal? Help!

Peyia Sun 20-Dec-15 20:05:30

Oops! Waffle fail! Hopefully you understand the obvious auto correcting of some words fblush

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