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To have done my Christmas food shopping already?

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Picturesofmatchstickmen Sun 20-Dec-15 16:46:11

We're hosting this year, 18 in total, mixture of adults and school aged kids. I've got one day off work before Xmas and really can't face spending it queuing for hours in asda with a massive trolley of stuff, so I did it last night, with the exception of Turkey being delivered Christmas Eve. Veg is in fridge, will keep I'm sure, we often have it longer than that before using so why not? Obviously will have to pop out for bread, milk, things forgotten etc, but won't need a huge shop (unless I drink all the Christmas booze between now and then grin

I don't think IABU - but guests here today a bit fhmm when DH said I'd already done the big shop, as if they thought my Christmas dinner wouldn't be very nice! Ah, sod 'em, time for a baileys fwink

DayToDayShit Sun 20-Dec-15 16:48:22

I have alot of mine being delivered tomorrow. The rest tuesday. So I think it is ok. I missed my delivery slots this year so have to put up with them a bit earlier than usual.

girlguide123 Sun 20-Dec-15 16:49:38

YANBU - but I hope all the use-by-dates are ok!

megletthesecond Sun 20-Dec-15 16:51:03

Yanbu. Admittedly there's only 3 of us but I've been grabbing store cupboard and freezer items over the last month. Only got to get chicken, brussels and crackers this week.

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 20-Dec-15 16:51:14

Me too, just need salady bits on Christmas Eve.

popperdoodles Sun 20-Dec-15 16:51:16

I have done everything non perishable. Online order of milk bread, fruit veg etc all coming late Tues night. I am hosting Xmas eve though, going to mil for the main Christmas dinner

Owllady Sun 20-Dec-15 16:54:15

Mine is being delivered tomorrow too smile
Incidentally, I popped in Morrison's this afternoon (to buy gin grin) and it wasn't v busy at all!

bushtailadventures Sun 20-Dec-15 16:57:32

All the cupboard and freezer stuff was delivered Friday, fresh stuff is scheduled for delivery on Wednesday, leaving me time for an emergency dash to the local supermarket on Thursday if needed. I don't think I have ever been this organised before, it's a nice feeling fsmile

nightandthelight Sun 20-Dec-15 16:58:32

I have done most of mine (including the veg that lasts quite a while such as parsnips. Anything with a use by before Christmas is safely on the freezer. Tomorrow will go get a few last things leaving only salad and milk to pick up on Christmas Eve smile

Artandco Sun 20-Dec-15 16:58:55

Well the veg won't be very fresh will it? 5 days old?

nokidshere Sun 20-Dec-15 17:03:20

I missed all the delivery slots this year sad so for the first time in 10 years I will have to go shopping this week sometime!!!!

Artandco Sun 20-Dec-15 17:05:41

Nokid- ocado still have slots for Monday and Tuesday when I just looked

honeyroar Sun 20-Dec-15 17:14:44

I bought everything last week. I went to Tescos at 9pm Thursday eve! It was blissfully quiet. The turkey arrives on the 23rd, but other than that everything is in the fridge or freezer. Carrots, parsnips, potatoes and sprouts in the fridge for 10 days are fine. I always have them longer than that. I'm in China, arrived Friday and get back Monday night. There is no way I'm going near a supermarket this week and I don't like home delivery as I prefer picking my own veg.

MushroomMama Sun 20-Dec-15 17:18:27

Thanks to Iceland everything was done last week!

I've been buying all the crisps and stuff since beginning of December

Pate and cheese late last week it keeps well in the fridge

StellaAlpina Sun 20-Dec-15 17:22:11

I did mine yesterday, everything will keep in the fridge (e.g. carrots, parsnips, turkey)

Will just get a few fresh things on Wednesday afternoon (whipping cream, strawberries, milk, salmon, french beans)

m0therofdragons Sun 20-Dec-15 17:22:14

Dh popped to asda earlier and it was manic. We'd run out of bin liners and needed to clean out the rabbits so only needed one thing but he said people were shopping like we were expecting a month of thick snow and there was no bread or milk on the shelves. Weird to me. I haven't got anything as we're not hosting but if I was I'd have most things.

HighwayDragon1 Sun 20-Dec-15 17:25:22

I need actual food for next week, I'm dreading it

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Sun 20-Dec-15 17:27:10

Does everyone else only eat veg within three days of buying it then? I shop once a week and then eat for the next six to seven days - never had a massive problem with stuff going off. Surely Christmas is just the same?

TheBunnyOfDoom Sun 20-Dec-15 17:28:36

YANBU! All we have to get is bread, milk and a dessert for Christmas day.

nightandthelight Sun 20-Dec-15 17:30:59

Veg if kept properly keeps for ages bunch so yanbu. Mine is frequently in the fridge for a week before eating. If eating raw I prefer very fresh but once cooked and smothered in gravy it makes no difference!

HemanOrSheRa Sun 20-Dec-15 17:31:08

Yes YABU because I have done nothing. NOTHING! ARRRRRGGGHHHHH! My Dad is in hospital and we have been running around in a state of panic because he is extremely ill. But now I'm starting to get scared because I HAVE NOT GOT ANY CHRISTMAS FOOD IN AT ALL. This afternoon I was doing deep breathing exercises while chanting 'You have 4 days MrsH. You have 4 whole days' confused.

Kelsoooo Sun 20-Dec-15 17:36:00

I got my meat about two weeks ago (in the freezer) and collecting veg on thursday from my greengrocer, just walk in, hand over £5.70 and walk out. Lovely.

GarlicCake Sun 20-Dec-15 17:41:25

Surely Christmas is just the same?

No, no, no! Christmas is an extended famine. No shops will be open for at least three weeks or, if they are, will contain no food.

Thus it is essential to buy at least a month's worth of food, on the very eve of Christmas if possible, to ensure fresh supplies during the famine.

Anybody who claims not to feel the urgency is lying fwink santa

Bonkerz Sun 20-Dec-15 17:46:06

I have tesco delivering alcohol and drinks and crisps tomorrow morning and then the items for Christmas Day and Boxing Day buffet from asda on Wednesday evening. Fresh fruit and veg being delivered Christmas Eve afternoon from local delivery man. This means I have Thursday to grab anything we've forgot but I'm confident all will be fine.
I know shops are open BUT I'm looking forward to a week of near hibernation and don't want to do anymore shopping till Monday 5th Jan!

theredjellybean Sun 20-Dec-15 17:48:38

ummm....dont most people only do a once a week shop usually ?

i shop on sunday as only day not at work, and the food lasts all week, meat and cheese/ham/yoghart in fridge etc, veg in dark cupboard..

we take no notice of use by dates...utter tosh imo....sniff it, look at it, scrape mould of it ( if cheese/cream cheese type stuff or veg..)

never ever had food poisoning in our house, and i cook everything from scratch from mouldy food in fridge !

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