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To tell you to read this thread if your DC starts school in Sept!

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seamstressmummy Sat 19-Dec-15 19:13:34

This thread saved my skin last year, so I am paying back the karma.

15th January seems to be the closing date again.

- remember it is preferences, not choices
- they do not HAVE to give you one of the schools on your list
- make sure you have a dead cert banker in there!

TeenAndTween Sat 19-Dec-15 21:22:11

bump, as it is important.

Muskey Sat 19-Dec-15 21:28:34

Good luck to all of you looking for schools.

Saukko Sat 19-Dec-15 22:18:12

In before

"We've put their name down!"
"My mum works there!"
"I'm putting the same school three times!"
"S/he goes to the nursery!"

seamstressmummy Sat 19-Dec-15 22:34:36

"I'm putting the same school three times!"

I genuinely know someone who did that, and, what's worse, got the school. So of course she now tells everyone to to do the same.

budgiegirl Sat 19-Dec-15 23:41:38

Put the schools down in genuine order of preference, if you don't get your first choice, your second in the list will move to become your first choice, and so on. The schools don't know which was yiur first choice.

CalleighDoodle Sat 19-Dec-15 23:44:40

Ive put down one school! My dd goes there. Im not doing two different school drop offs.

PennyHasNoSurname Sat 19-Dec-15 23:46:25

My form went in a while back but now I am panicking that they may not have even received it!

Chattymummyhere Sat 19-Dec-15 23:55:03

I applied on opening day, still put down three even though dd is unlikely not to get first choice.

BondJayneBond Sun 20-Dec-15 00:05:07

"I'm putting the same school three times!"

I also know someone who did this. They didn't get the school. They were allocated the nearest school with places remaining instead. They appealed to try and get the desired school but lost the appeal.

DixieNormas Sun 20-Dec-15 00:08:21

make sure you put one that's in catchment, lots of people at our nursery ended up with places miles away from where they live because they didn't put down a catchment school last year.

And a few now have to drop off at schools no where near each other as they didn't get in to the same school as their siblings

seamstressmummy Sun 20-Dec-15 00:44:19

Ive put down one school! My dd goes there. Im not doing two different school drop offs.

Seriously, use your choices. As long as your preferred school has places, adding in two best-of-the-rests won't affect you.

BlackeyedSusan Sun 20-Dec-15 01:10:38

we put down dd's school for ds. then the two closest schools we liked so that if we had to drop off at two it would be more managable.

reni2 Sun 20-Dec-15 01:43:15

And here is a thread on how not to do it

RainWildsGirl Sun 20-Dec-15 07:37:16

are you guaranteed a place at your catchment school if you put it down as choice one?

superram Sun 20-Dec-15 07:50:04

Rain, no you are not guaranteed a place at your catchment school if it is over subscribed. It is done on distance within the catchment and usually there is a sibling rule.

PenelopeChipShop Sun 20-Dec-15 07:54:06

RainWildsGirl in theory you should be but it depends on who else applies - looked after children and siblings get priority over firstborn children living in the catchment.

This is my worry too as my favourite is our local school (10 mins up road) which in theory should be stress free but when I visited they said there were so many sibling places given last year that only six 'new' families joined the school through reception kids. Six!!!!!

honkinghaddock Sun 20-Dec-15 08:00:21

When all the choices are in, all the applicants for every school are ranked in order of admission criteria. If a school has an admission number of eg 30, the first on the list get a place. If you appear on the first 30 or whatever on more than one list, choice then comes into it and you get the school that was your highest preference. You are then removed from the lists of the other schools and everyone left moves up the lists.

lostInTheWash Sun 20-Dec-15 08:01:19

are you guaranteed a place at your catchment school if you put it down as choice one?

No however still check the school criteria - it is area/school dependent on what it is. ( Think from some posts that in Scotland they are guaranteed but not rest of UK)

It varies from area to area and it the school controls it's own admissions they can be very different to schools near by.

Ive put down one school! My dd goes there. Im not doing two different school drop offs.

We did that as it was get the school or home school till a place came up. However if you were in the catchment area you'd get a place - it was just outside that people had problems - we were very close and had siblings after first DC got it ie we were very high up in the priority list in another are it would have been more of a risk and we might have rethought.

Just applied secondary - and put two down - prefer nearest but second one is doable - other there was no point as we can't get too. there shouldn't be an issue getting the nearest school but here the backup was acceptable.

RainWildsGirl Sun 20-Dec-15 08:02:58

I have an older DC at the school and we are a 5 min walk away so very close but I know this year is big with a lot of siblings! just have to keep my fingers crossed!!

honkinghaddock Sun 20-Dec-15 08:02:58

Should say first 30 on the list get a place.

Mayvis Sun 20-Dec-15 08:05:25

Unless a school lists 'priority admissions areas' in their admission criteria, then there really isn't such thing as a catchment area.

The catchment area for a school will vary year on year. You also need to be looking for information of furthest distance admitted to a first born child, if siblings have priority in the admissions criteria.

Example, one local school takes 30 children into reception. 21 of these children were younger siblings of current pupils. So 9 spaces left for the 9 first born children living closest to the school.

cricketballs Sun 20-Dec-15 08:10:05

Reni2 - I was just about to ask what happened with the DD in that thread when I noticed this thread was started by the same op!

Stress - what happened? Did you take up the allocated school or did waiting lists/appeals work?

Enjolrass Sun 20-Dec-15 08:11:47

I have only ever put one school down as there has only ever been one that we wanted.

It work on both primary applications. Not on secondary, but we appealed and one.

On the secondary one is was genuinely the only one that dd could go to, which is why we won on appeal.

It is not something I recommissioning if you have other choices.

Enjolrass Sun 20-Dec-15 08:13:04

Oh the comments section is ignored when allocating places but can be taken into account at appeal.

Our reason for appealing were cross checked with what we out in the comments section.

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