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to think my friend is being a dick?

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lanadelreya Sat 19-Dec-15 19:09:30

I've been signed off work due to depression.

Last night was the work Christmas night out. Yes I would have loved to go and I paid for a ticket (before I was signed off) but clearly in my opinion it would not look professional to not be able to work but to be ok to go out and get drunk etc.

A friend, who is also a colleague text me to say that I really missed out last night.

I'm well aware that everyone would have had a fantastic time, and I would obviously have wanted them too and I would have been a part of it.

But I really don't need it rubbed in my face like that. Aibu and insensitive?

goodnightdarthvader1 Sat 19-Dec-15 19:10:43

Did they phrase it like that, or was it "we missed you"?

lanadelreya Sat 19-Dec-15 19:13:04

No, all they said was you missed out last night Lana

Nothing else was said.

swashbucklecheer Sat 19-Dec-15 19:14:54

I understand that you wanted to be there and that your friend letting you know what you missed is not nice. However would you be upset if you heard nothing about it all almost like they had forgotten completely all about you? I think with your depression you would see the negative in either situation. I hope you start feeling a bit better soon.

MamaLazarou Sat 19-Dec-15 19:24:51

Sorry you're poorly. IMO, it is perfectly ok for a person signed off sick to attend the work xmas do. Someone who is not able to work could well be able to enjoy an evening out. I would give your colleague the benefit of the doubt and assume they meant well.

Hope you feel better soon flowers

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