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if I open my Christmas present now?

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hedgehogsdontbite Sat 19-Dec-15 18:37:15

On a scale of 'go for it' to 'Santa's so never stopping at your house again' how unreasonable am I being?

I know what it is, it's a replacement food mixer from my mum. We live in different countries so no chance of being caught out. I haven't done any of my Christmas baking yet. I want to do it tomorrow and it will be so much easier with a mixer.

Should I open it? pleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyes

eltsihT Sat 19-Dec-15 18:38:55

I would, but I got my Christmas present from my parents in October, and it is sitting in my garden protecting my plants from frost (well it would be if we had any).

gamerchick Sat 19-Dec-15 18:40:46

I would.

Mylittlelights Sat 19-Dec-15 18:41:48

Do you have anything else to open Xmas day?

Scarydinosaurs Sat 19-Dec-15 18:41:52

Yes. I don't care if I was off Father Christmas' nice list. He's a judgemental bastard.

ajandjjmum Sat 19-Dec-15 18:43:35

Makes sense - it's not a surprise and will help you now.

FruVikingessOla Sat 19-Dec-15 18:44:18

Under the circumstances, I would say open it now so you can get your Christmas baking done. It's not the end of the world. So .....

..... YES YES YES fgrin

notafanofwinter Sat 19-Dec-15 18:45:15

No. You've managed for months without it, another week won't make a difference.
Get your hands off it.

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