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To ask for advice on how to manage a rainy winter

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ginorwine Sat 19-Dec-15 17:51:39

I'm naturally an outdoors person .
However , walking in the rain in the dark isn't brilliant .
Can anyone tell me what can you do a whole day indoors ? ! Drives me mad !
It's been really intense rain here all day - I live in an area that was flooded recently and we had no electric so at least we have that back .
What have done today -
Breakfast in bed
De junked
Washed hair
Talked to dh and one teen
Watched tv
Texted pals
Light fire , put fairy lights on
Going to carol service later
To me that's really tedious .
I sew and should get going !!
What do you recomend for winter days ?

Cookingongas Sat 19-Dec-15 17:53:23

I cook. Lots. And shop. And least favourably, clean.

But I'm like you. I can just about stand a day inside and after that get increasingly ratty until I can get out.

whois Sat 19-Dec-15 18:07:45

Maybe try and get it for a walk if it's only drizzling and not chucking it down.

Watch a lot of TV.

Cook a lot.

Go and meet friends in pubs or restirsnts. Have friends round/go to friends for food or to watch TV.

Go to the cinema. Do DIY jobs.

Tink06 Sun 20-Dec-15 01:11:52

Nettflix - loads of good box sets. Could easily spend a rainy day watching stuff on there.

Fatmomma99 Sun 20-Dec-15 01:15:54

I'd love to pretend this is my brilliant parenting, but I've nicked it from a colleague - make a paper chain to an event (in this case, it would obvs be christmas day). Each link in the chain represents a day.

After you've made it, you rip a link off every day until the event.

How lovely is that!

jellyjiggles Sun 20-Dec-15 01:16:14

I find I have a couple of options. I either lose the plot and crack up or I go out in the very wet rain and walk.

I hate this winter it's been terribly dark, wet and miserable. I'd rather it was freezing cold and sunny!

honeyroar Sun 20-Dec-15 03:48:16

The weather is responsible for th fact that I was way early in getting Xmas cards written, presents wrapped and Xmas prepared! I usually spend all my time outside either dog walking or riding the horses, I seem to be shortening or cancelling that when I can!

WanderingNotLost Sun 20-Dec-15 03:55:12

I'm going to sound terribly oldladyish here but I fully recommend cross-stitch. Really easy, plenty of patterns and things you can make as presents and it's lovely and satisfying when it's completed. And you can do that whilst watching something on TV!

I also think one of life's simplest pleasures is to get on some comfy clothes, curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and get lost in a good book.

tallulahturtle Sun 20-Dec-15 04:30:43

Going the opposite way here but get decent wet weather clothes, no its not sunny and crisp but if you wear the right stuff you can still enjoy yourself.

ProfessorPreciseaBug Sun 20-Dec-15 04:45:05

No one has suggested going to bed......

Ok you can't really spend all day making love... well not really... but it sure beats watching paint dry...

I'll get,y coat

TheBunnyOfDoom Sun 20-Dec-15 05:04:01

Get Netflix and find a boxset to watch.
Take a long bath.
Adult colouring books.
Video games. There are some great adventure/puzzle-solving ones.
Clean/de-clutter/organise a room.

I spend a lot of time in winter curled up reading or watching Netflix!

80sWaistcoat Sun 20-Dec-15 05:06:10

The weather has been so bad here that even with decent clothes it's miserable. There's not a lot of joy walkin in torrential rain and a gale, it's rained here for a month. I have got v stir crazy.

The meetin up with friends us good, I would go swimming but the local pool was wrecked in the floods, the gym maybe?

OSETmum Sun 20-Dec-15 07:04:35

You must live very near to me! We survived the great power cut of 2015 too! I think the best thing for us was getting together with family or friends (who had a gas cooker) and making a nice ( if little unusual since it contained the contents of everyone's freezers) meal by candle and torchlight. Of course you could still do that with the power on!

TheWoodenSpoonOfMischief Sun 20-Dec-15 07:22:49

I'd hate all that rain but id still go out for a walk at some point over a few days.
Otherwise we go to shopping centres, cinema, friends, cafe/restaurant, bowling, ice skating, museums, galleries.
At home I would bake, read, watch TV, invite friends over.

jellyjiggles Sun 20-Dec-15 07:47:11

We live in one of the regions that was flooded. It has been torrential for weeks.

Waterproofs on and get out there! Accept you'll be soaked but after a shower and pj's is actually quite nice.

theycallmemellojello Sun 20-Dec-15 07:50:51

Read? If not that then idk.

ginorwine Sun 20-Dec-15 09:37:27

Oset and the wooden spoon
Yes Oset we may be neighbours !
I cooked for neighbours as we had a gas oven and they needed a joint cooking and we used our freezer food m an s!
We played games by candlight !
My issue is I like to be away from people in the countryside so going shopping etc which people kindly suggest would not be my bag .i cdnt go anyway during the flood s as all the shops and most restraunts were in darkness !
I love the idea of reading but not all day as I get twitchy !
I think to get w proof trousers if the definite answer and I have good coat and boots from horsey activities .
I remember taking kids to jump puddles to let off steam in bad weather .they don't do it now they are teens .when we had horses we had to just do it and ive forgotten ! Yay .thanks .

VintageDresses Sun 20-Dec-15 09:44:19

I run. You don't notice the rain once you get going and if you go in the rain you get the woods to yourself. Lovely.

But agree wellies and good waterproofs are necessities for everyone in this house. Makes the difference between a miserable day and a fun day.

BrandNewAndImproved Sun 20-Dec-15 09:48:53

Running/jogging in the rain is really nice weirdly!

Swimming? Country houses? Garden centres? Go out for breakfast.

OSETmum Sun 20-Dec-15 14:16:08

Lol ginorwine all my neighbours are pensioners but you never know when we could have crossed paths!

At least we have good weather today hey, it's practically spring like!

specialsubject Sun 20-Dec-15 15:41:07

read a book?

MrsMook Sun 20-Dec-15 16:08:16

I'm normally happy to run in the rain if I'm kitted up properly, but it's been so dull and unpleasant, and the ground so sodden and claggy, I've been put right off. For energy burning, I've been using the exercise bike in the conservatory. I use short, intense tabata tracks so I get a useful workout before boredom sets in!

megletthesecond Sun 20-Dec-15 16:12:48

yy to running, it's hard to be cold even if it's wet. Even better if there's someone at home who can put the kettle on the moment you step through the door.

FairyFluffbum Sun 20-Dec-15 16:25:12

We love going outside just after it's rained. Wellies and coat for the toddler, wellies for me (I'm a big kid grin) and make sure the baby is all warm and we go out and find the biggest puddles and jump in them. Dd loves it and so do I. I usually have to change her when we get home though as she is soaking wet afterwards but it's good fun

ginorwine Sun 20-Dec-15 16:46:47

Yay all !
Watwrproof trees!
Wd love to run ! Can't due to knee prob so a fast waddle will be good !
Happy Christmas .x

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