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Do you all still like a good NDN parcel thread? Apparently I've ruined next door's Xmas

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JustAnotherOP Fri 18-Dec-15 13:03:10

This gave me a good laugh, especially so as it's probably the first lighthearted thread I've written in a while so it's done me some good anyway.

Last week I took in a parcel for the neighbours - it was a large box, signed for it, all well and good so far. That evening the neighbours must've been out as when I knocked no-one answered.

The next day I caught the woman coming home and went over with the parcel. She looked slightly confused and told me that she hadn't been expecting anything but as the box was addressed to her she took it in anyway.

A few days later on my way out I saw the man (her husband) coming out of the house, waved hello as usual and he said "Oh hi JustAnotherOP, like ruining other people's Christmases do you?" I looked slightly puzzled and asked what he meant. Turns out that the parcel I'd handed over to the woman was actually her main Xmas present which she had subsequently opened.

reallybadidea Fri 18-Dec-15 13:04:31

What a twat. What did you say?

MonstrousPippin Fri 18-Dec-15 13:06:10

YWNBU. Surely if it was addressed to her, she would have opened it even if it had been delivered to their house successfully. How stupid.

goodnightdarthvader1 Fri 18-Dec-15 13:06:20

Fucking hell. What the fuck were you supposed to do with it? What was his tone? Slightly jokey or genuinely pissed off?

TheWitTank Fri 18-Dec-15 13:06:22

Why was it addressed to his wife then? Tit.

MontyYouTerribleCunt Fri 18-Dec-15 13:06:56

Oh what a passive aggressive an aggressive cunt weasel! Glad you can laugh about it op because that really is laughable. Christ. Some people.

whathaveiforgottentoday Fri 18-Dec-15 13:07:02

Clearly you're suppossed to be psychic and know that it was her present.

daisychicken Fri 18-Dec-15 13:07:27

Huh?!! How were you to know what it was and who it was for??!

Dh gets loads of parcels - work and home - I take them in or occasionally collect from neighbours/PO but I don't open unless he asks me too as I don't know what they are!

I'd be making a point next time I was asked to take a parcel in 'Delivery came for you today but I didn't take it in for you, just incase it was a gift... wouldn't want to ruin the surprise!' 😉

MontyYouTerribleCunt Fri 18-Dec-15 13:08:22

Her 'main' present pfft! How old is she 5? Ruined Xmas cos she got her present too early! Dear me. Get a fucking life.

YakTriangle Fri 18-Dec-15 13:08:50

Fucking idiot. Was it addressed to him or her? Surely it must have occurred to him that if she opens his post, she might see it, regardless of whether it had first visited your house?

icklekid Fri 18-Dec-15 13:09:17

Brilliant! If he couldn't be bothered to either make sure he was in to collect or at least popular round to get from you I can't see how he can be cross at you?! He will just have to buy something else for Christmas - lucky wife!

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Fri 18-Dec-15 13:09:32

As if you had any idea it was for her! Wally.

ophiotaurus Fri 18-Dec-15 13:10:30

What a knob. If he was that concerned he should have waited in for it himself!

scarlets Fri 18-Dec-15 13:11:34

He's going to feel very embarrassed about what he said to you in a few days' time, I expect. It's the sort of thing people say in haste, and end up regretting.

MaxPepsi Fri 18-Dec-15 13:14:54

He's a Knobhead!

Tirfarthoin Fri 18-Dec-15 13:14:58

Sounds like a win for her though
-if she likes it all good she got what she likes
-she doesn't like it she gets to return it in time for a decent xmas present
The problem for him is does he now have to go and get something else so that she can open it on xmas day?
Anyway he is obviously an idiot.

APlaceOnTheCouch Fri 18-Dec-15 13:16:15

Moany NDNs, stressed about Christmas - meh - the important question is 'what was in the box?!' Since she already knows, I hope he told you too grin

YakTriangle Fri 18-Dec-15 13:17:32

Sorry, I didn't see that you said it was in her name. That makes it extra stupid on his part.

CarriesBucketOfBlood Fri 18-Dec-15 13:18:11

Hilarious. I hope you gave a Grich-like cackle as he stormed off.

GiddyOnZackHunt Fri 18-Dec-15 13:19:48

No good deed goes unpunished!

What numpty complains at the third party in this? Either it was addressed to her (his error) or she opened a parcel addressed to him (her error)

wigglybeezer Fri 18-Dec-15 13:21:28

The woman was stupid not to guess it was a Christmas present for her, I would if a large parcel not ordered by me was delivered at this time of year.

lorelei9 Fri 18-Dec-15 13:22:53

maybe I'm horrible ...but while I realise people say stupid things like this when they are feeling upset and irrational, I am still amazed that they can say such stupid things confused

I hope he does apologise to you.

ShebaShimmyShake Fri 18-Dec-15 13:25:42

"Yes! Yes, I love ruining other people's Christmases! I am so glad it worked this time. Now, how can I kill and eat your firstborn?"

Chattymummyhere Fri 18-Dec-15 13:26:12

I've had loads of parcels addressed for me I haven't opened because I'm not expecting anything and know dh has been on my Amazon. Surely she should of text him before opening it just incase. Still not your fault though.

MontyYouTerribleCunt Fri 18-Dec-15 13:26:50

No you're definitely not horrible Lorelei! He sounds like a prize jackass. Who does that?

Fwiw something arrived in the post for DH the other day and it had "bra stop" written all over it (it's a Xmas pressie for me btw... not for DH or anyone else). Didn't know I was allowed to now weep and wail about how Xmas is now ruined RUINED! Pfft.

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