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Excessive barking from neighbours dog

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adelecarberry Thu 17-Dec-15 09:42:59

Neighbour has a dog who is regularly left on its on during the day on a daily basis. It barks for hours throughout the dog as early as 7.30am in the morning and at times past 9-10oclock at nighg distrubing DC on some occassions in particular when neighbours went away the dog was barking non stop from 10-3am. I went round to ask them to see to the dog but they had left front room windows wide open and the lads had went on a night out whilst the parents were away. My DD who is 2 was distrubed and we were unable to sleep. In the end the envirnomental officer was called and a warning was given. We are semi attached to this neighbours. I know its difficult as people can make as much noise during the day but its all day every day.

yoshipoppet Thu 17-Dec-15 09:58:55

I can sympathise as until recently we also had a noisy neighbourhood dog. I found the constant barking really irritating. But this was only one or two days a week, for a few hours at a time.
If this dog next door to you is being left on its own for this many hours IMO this is cruel to the dog (as well as to you and your family), and it might be worth having a chat with an animal charity like Dogs' Trust to see what they might suggest.

MatildaTheCat Thu 17-Dec-15 10:00:43

Keep complaining to the relevant council department. We have a dog warden and when we had a similar issue they took it seriously and acted on it.

Unfortunately it may mean you having to use recording equipment to provide evidence which would be a pain. If you've spoken with the neighbours and they aren't responsive then there isn't much more you can do

Poor dog.

adelecarberry Thu 17-Dec-15 10:09:27

I didn't know where we stand with barking during the day. We are currently expecting third child, aswell as the toddler who naps during the day and is often disturbed. My DS has struggled to get to sleep at a reasonable time for school due to the dogs. Neighbours were furious we reported them prior but we were at our wits end and didn't know when they were returning home and sleep deprived with a rather unsettled toddler. Apparently their other dog died so thats why the dog is barking. I didn't know if i should speak to the neighbour again. Both parents are out work daily and two lads live there who are more and less out of the house. They go away regularly but were not happy that they have to take the dog away them to the caravan.

specialsubject Thu 17-Dec-15 11:07:22

they don't want the dog, do they? Drop some leaflets on rehoming through the door.

they aren't going to change and they don't care about the dog or you.

MatildaTheCat Thu 17-Dec-15 11:09:15

Barking a lot during the day does also constitute a nuisance. Although it is awkward I think you do need to go and speak to them and give examples of when and how long the barking has been. Saying their dog is bereaved or lonely is no excuse at all.

Our neighbours denied it was happening and then kept saying that they were working on it. They, too worked all day and left the dogs out in the garden . As long as there is shelter and the dog is fed the rspca etc won't be interested so you will have to pursue the noise route with the council. The more complaints they receive the more likely they are to take it seriously.

Luckily our neighbours moved away. I sympathise because it's really annoying and I have a dog who likes a good bark. The difference is that I restrict him to a couple of minutes every few hours. Even then I've heard a neighbour shout at him to shut up. hmm

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