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Whats in your slow news day...?

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MojitoMollie Thu 17-Dec-15 09:09:57

Whats the most vapid pile of crap you have seen on the news/media

on the day scientists announce

"Cancer ISN'T all in your genes: Up to 90% of cases 'could be wiped out by avoiding triggers caused by our unhealthy lifestyles'"

whats the daily mail lead?
"We earn over £100,000 - but can’t afford our baby. Outrageous? Yes. But mum-to-be Jocelyn refuses to rein in her VERY indulgent lifestyle "

AbeSaidYes Thu 17-Dec-15 13:16:55

I just read this. CLEARLY she is a journalist who is hoping to get some notoriety so that she can make a bit of money.

She published under the name Jocelyn Cook previously and her husband works in motor claims. I wonder if it's even true that they have a combined income of £100,000. Maybe her work actually earns her more money than him and now she's panicked about paying for maternity leave so she's trying to earn a bit of cash by being deliberately outrageous in the daily Mail?

Whatever it is, she's ten a penny in a world of Samantha Bricks.

CallieTorres Fri 18-Dec-15 09:57:08

"Whatever it is, she's ten a penny in a world of Samantha Bricks."

Spot on!

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