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Any dentists around?

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ItsAllAboutTheCakes Thu 17-Dec-15 00:14:28

I have a tooth on my upper left hand side that has a white filling. I have been having pain in it for a while but my dentist insists it is sensitivity or trauma due to the fact that I grind my teeth.
The filling looks discoloured and the tooth itself looks a little discoloured to me but my dentist doesnt think there's a problem.
Aibu to go back and insist the filling be replaced?

ComposHatComesBack Thu 17-Dec-15 00:38:43

I will preface this by saying I'm not a dentist. I was having what felt for all the world like appalling tooth pain, I was convinced it was a loose filling. Couldn't eat on that side of my mouth, headaches etc. Dentist told me it was from clenching my teeth at night. I couldn't believe that it could generate that level of pain.

He got me to clench my jaw as hard as I could for a minute and asked what it felt like 'uncomfortable' I said. 'Well imagine that times eight hours' was his response.

He also showed me my tongue in the mirror. The edges were all serrated from where my tongue had been pressed against the clenched teeth and the same pattern was repeated on the inside side wall of my mouth too.

I accepted at this point he hnee what he was talking about and yes the pain was caused by clenching.

ItsAllAboutTheCakes Thu 17-Dec-15 00:49:20

Thanks compos yeah I am definitely grinding. I'm under the local dental hospital for tmj disorder because if the clenching and can only open my mouth a couple of cm because my jaw has pretty much locked. My dentist puts everything down to the grinding now because of this though and won't take my concerns if needing a new filling seriously. I completely agree that grinding causes horrendous tooth and facial pain but this particular tooth feels different, more like a decay type toothache. The tooth itself has discoloured slightly on one side too. sad

ItsAllAboutTheCakes Thu 17-Dec-15 08:23:10

Bumping for the morning crowd.

Senpai Thu 17-Dec-15 08:27:02

A good dentist should be able to give you a clear explanation as to why your tooth is discoloring.

It could very well be your grinding, that makes teeth very sensitive. Can you wear a sports mouth guard to bed and see if that improves things?

ItsAllAboutTheCakes Thu 17-Dec-15 09:30:13

I've had a soft mouth guard and a hard splint mouth guard that I'm currently using but I'm still in pain. I'm convinced this is a tooth issue aside from the pain the clenching is causing. I know the usual bruised nerve pain but this is something different, I'd pull my own tooth out if I could! I've made an emergency appointment for 1.30 today, my dentist is sick of the sight of me but I'd rather have a pissed off dentist than a missing tooth grin

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