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To uninvited my MIL from christmas

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GnomieD Wed 16-Dec-15 21:48:29

My DH and his mother have a contentious relationship as they wind each other up. The last time they saw each other was Mother's Day when he stormed out of the house. She was talking drivel but he also over reacted.

They have been talking in the phone and as usual she's invited for Christmas. She is in her 80's, not great physical health, lives about 90 minutes away and is unable to drive or use public transport. She also has no other family, but does have a reasonable circle of friends.

DH has some mental health issues with anxiety and has also recently had surgery on his shoulder which isn't fully recovered.

DH & MIL have had 2 disagreements on the phone already this week and MIL apparently hinted that maybe she just wouldn't come, DH is now totally wound up and thinks she shouldn't come.

In all honesty it will be easier if she doesn't come, I'll relax as DH will be relaxed. I also won't worry about my mum and MIL disagreeing (they are complete opposites). However I'm not sure where else she would go.

queenofthepirates Wed 16-Dec-15 21:55:12

Can you book a restaurant half way, pick her up and half lunch then drop her home? It would be sad to leave her on her own but this is a compramise.

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