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Christmas tree lights: white or multi-coloured?

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GloGirl Wed 16-Dec-15 08:07:44

Which ones look best on a tree?

Before anyone asks I've posted this in AIBU because I want a fierce and vigorous debate to help me make my mind up fgrin

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Wed 16-Dec-15 08:09:15

I think white / blue lights look classy & simple
I am not classy
I have multicoloured lights & LOVE them

cleaty Wed 16-Dec-15 08:09:59

I have both on my tree.

Belleende Wed 16-Dec-15 08:11:42

This year I ditched the tinsel and went with multi coloured lights. I reckon it is now just the right side of trashy. LED lights, whatever the colour, are of course for the lower orders

GastonsPomPomWrath Wed 16-Dec-15 08:12:26

White. Warm white. Gives that comfy, homely, candlelit glow imo fsmile

iwantgin Wed 16-Dec-15 08:12:32

White on the tree.

DH puts coloured lights outside. On an outside tree.

WhoKn0wsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 16-Dec-15 08:12:40

Multi, always, white just aren't festive enough for me.

CabbageOfShame Wed 16-Dec-15 08:13:11

Warm white here!

MonstrousPippin Wed 16-Dec-15 08:13:44

I love the multicoloured. I think they were what everyone had in the 80s so reminds me of magical Chrismasses as a child fsmile

Queenbean Wed 16-Dec-15 08:14:07

Warm white

Cold white looks a bit cheap and multicoloured looks migraine inducing

snuffykins Wed 16-Dec-15 08:14:41

White. I don't like reindeer vomit on my Christmas tree. It must be classy and colour coordinated.

FrChewieLouie Wed 16-Dec-15 08:15:22

This year I have a strong yen for the colourful lights of my 70s childhood.

DH won't deviate from white.

Might have to call in a mediator fsad.

SweetTeaVodka Wed 16-Dec-15 08:15:34

White. Blue at a push.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Wed 16-Dec-15 08:16:42

Warm white for me, my tree is gaudy enough with red, purple and gold baubles plus every toilet roll Angel the ds's ever made.

Kaytee1987 Wed 16-Dec-15 08:16:51

Warm white

Alicewasinwonderland Wed 16-Dec-15 08:20:38

Does it matter?

I have both kind at home. Some years, I put white lights with colourful decorations, others I put coloured lights with multicoloured ornaments, and the next go for white or blue and silver. (any combination depending on the mood and the weather).

This year, I have chosen white lights, red and silver tree, because I got bored of the pink/grey or silver/ teal trees that are in every shop and supermarket around here.

Pretty sure only my girls and I notice the colour of the tree to be honest grin

sandylion Wed 16-Dec-15 08:21:06

It ain't Christmas without multicoloured lights! I love a tacky Christmas tree, I agree about it reminding me of magical Christmas mornings as a kid! I love to look at a classy tree, just not in my own house grin

sandylion Wed 16-Dec-15 08:21:45

Although I do think MC have fallen well out of fashion. Shame!

Cornettoninja Wed 16-Dec-15 08:22:34

I used to be hardcore white lights but have gone multi coloured this year.

I'm fed up with overly coordinated trees and think it looks far more festive with a bit of a mish mash.

Plus it means I can buy the odd decoration that wouldn't necessarily 'fit' otherwise.

IloveJudgeJudy Wed 16-Dec-15 08:26:24

Sweet tea Blueshockshock. That's not a Christmas colour. winkWhite or multicoloured. Turn and turn about. Or two trees.

Gatekeeper Wed 16-Dec-15 08:30:25

warm white- proper bulbs as well- none of your LED shite

YouMakeMyDreams Wed 16-Dec-15 08:33:05

I have both. Partly because I put the white set on last year it wasn't enough lights and do was dispatched to get more and all he could get was coloured ones.
My tree is trashy and proud. It looks like Christmas vomited on it and I love it. grin

sleepwhenidie Wed 16-Dec-15 08:37:58

I have both and <whispers> the mc ones flash fwink. Blue is just wrong wrong wrong though.

Sameshitdiffname Wed 16-Dec-15 08:40:41

I personally only like white but each to their own!

GreatFuckability Wed 16-Dec-15 08:41:32

I have red lights. I did not think it through when I put them on my window..

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