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AIBU to share my exciting news with you all...

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Pulledapart2015 Tue 15-Dec-15 09:25:10

So I have not one but two news to share with you all.....

Firstly it's officially been a month since I stopped smoking πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I deserve a pat on the back for that I think πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ no cravings, no replacement nicotine patches, just very very strong Will power! It has to be by far the hardest thing I've accomplished to date aside from giving birth Lol

Secondly I have just been given the news I've become an Aunt to a very handsome baby boy ❀❀❀ did try to tell sis in law to wait until Christmas but the little bugger was in a hurry to be born Lol

so I'm absolutely grinning ear to ear right now with happiness. So AIBU to share the joy with you all πŸ˜ƒ

Twitterqueen Tue 15-Dec-15 09:26:54

No, yanbu fgrin
Huge congratulations for both of these.
Have a lovely, lovely Christmas and carry on. santa

LittleMiss77 Tue 15-Dec-15 09:28:00

Not at all! Congratulations on becoming a Aunt flowers

And a massive well done on stopping smoking - from seeing relatives try and fail, i can see how difficult thay can be. Massive achievement. You should be very very proud

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Tue 15-Dec-15 09:28:17

Awwww, that's fab πŸ˜„.

Pulledapart2015 Tue 15-Dec-15 09:37:41

thank you all ☺ x

molyholy Tue 15-Dec-15 09:46:50

YANBU - Bloody well done on the smoking and BIG congrats on becoming an Aunt.

TeaFathers Tue 15-Dec-15 10:00:52

2 lovely events, just in time for xmas.

HackerFucker22 Tue 15-Dec-15 10:03:40

Congratulations on both counts, but particularly on the stopping smoking your sil did most of the hard work with the baby tee hee

I'm coming up to 5 years a non smoker and I have never looked back.

DurhamDurham Tue 15-Dec-15 10:04:06

Well done for giving up smoking, it can't have been easy but now you've done it think of the health benefits and they money you will save.

Congratulations on becoming an aunty, I've got six nieces who I love to bits but when my nephew was born I beside myself with happiness, he's the first boy in the family after 8 girls. I fear he may be a tad spoiled grin

TPel Tue 15-Dec-15 10:06:18

Well done! And congratulations.

MrsBobDylan Tue 15-Dec-15 10:16:19

Awww, thanks for sharing your brilliant news. Hope you get some newborn snuggles so jealous!

CocoDeJour Tue 15-Dec-15 10:18:25

Congratulations fgrin

SooticaTheWitchesCat Tue 15-Dec-15 10:26:25

It's good to hear nice stuff on here.

Well done on giving up smoking and congratulations on becoming an aunt smile

MyrtleFox Tue 15-Dec-15 10:29:42

oh congratulations! I used to hate putting my baby in to xmil's arms as she reeked of fags, so well done Aunt Pulledapart!

Pulledapart2015 Tue 15-Dec-15 10:40:26

thank you everyone it does feel great to not stink of fags anymore and definitely saving the pennies ☺

hackerfucker congrats on ur achievement of 5 years that is brilliant πŸ‘

unfortunately no newborn snuggles until new year when bro will come visit us in UK. for now I will just have to make do with pics and video chats 😐 I have said I want daily updates though lol
Brother is only too happy to comply πŸ˜†

MySordidCakeSecret Tue 15-Dec-15 10:43:43

Your strange emojis are disturbing me but congratulations on both counts!

Sandbrook Tue 15-Dec-15 10:44:41

Congrats on the new addition. Great news.

And well done on giving up smoking. Fantastic achievement. Keep up the good work

Jw35 Tue 15-Dec-15 10:46:51

Yanbu that's fab! Vaping worked for me, congrats

DramaAlpaca Tue 15-Dec-15 10:58:05

Congrats on both your bits of good news star

Pulledapart2015 Tue 15-Dec-15 11:57:41

sorry mysordidcakesecret no harm intended with the emoji's ☺

knobblyknee Tue 15-Dec-15 12:09:28

YANBU. Huge congratulations on both!
I quit 3 years ago using the Alan Carr method. Look out for his book Quit Smoking the Easiway and read it - it gets rid of the cravings.

OddSocksHighHeels Tue 15-Dec-15 12:13:29

Well done.

longingforfun Tue 15-Dec-15 12:18:12

Welll done on giving up smoking. i gave up over 20 years ago. You will get cravings from time to time but DON'T GIVE IN. flowersflowerscake

Pulledapart2015 Tue 15-Dec-15 13:50:14

thank you ☺

knobbkyknee and longingforfun great to hear you have also beaten smoking. also thank you for the heads up about craving and book recommendaction x

it's great to hear many people who haven't looked back since quiting. gives me much hope πŸ˜„

strawberryandaflake Tue 15-Dec-15 18:41:19

Thank you for sharing GREAT news! gringringrinxxx

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