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I've had a bad day

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Jux Mon 14-Dec-15 19:27:21

Had a flu jab last week (in a vulnerable group) so have been operating under par for a while, but feeling better today, so went to my voluntary job. There's no one there, I wait for an hour and then go home.

Then I go shopping and just as I leave the house it starts raining, not too badly so I carry on. I'm sitting on a mobility scooter, so get wetter than if I were able to walk but hey, it's just drizzle. It becomes driving fat rain that is very wet and very cold and there's a very cold wind too. By the time I get home from shopping, having failed to get even one thing I had gone out for, I am so cold and wet I am practically crying, and my skirt is literally dripping.

Then I get a text saying we need a new printer cartridge today, very urgent, dd has much work which must be printed off and handed in tomorrow. No, I didn't go out again and try to get one, but I feel guilty.

So now I am tired, damp, cold, AND guilty.

Then I have a doctor's appt. It's not urgent, I made the appt weeks ago, I do need to see a gp at some point though but there's no real urgency. DH kindly drives me there and then goes off to see if he can find a cartridge. I am 5 mins early, perfect, check in, hobble off to waiting room. The surgery is playing Xmas carols. The cd is of some truly terrible, amateur karaoke crap. The carols are barely recognisable and the singers are out of tune, out of time, and fill every solo with all the appalling saccharine 'emotion' which really bad singers think is meaningful. It is painful. I wait. The carols continue.

You know how music can soothe the savage breast? It can make you happy, or sad or even angry? This stuff made me uncomfortable and distressed. Ill at ease. It went on, and on, and on. I was still waiting for my gp to call me in. 45 mins had gone by. I was feeling more and more miserable. I was cold, uncomfortable, damp, tired, and still guilty.

My case was not urgent. I told the receptionist that I would make a new appt after Xmas. I left just as my name was called.

I blame the 'carols'.

SaucyJack Mon 14-Dec-15 19:32:08

How savage are your breasts?!

StealthPolarBear Mon 14-Dec-15 19:33:12

That sounds awful op. I hope tomorrow is better

Jux Mon 14-Dec-15 22:33:24

saucyjack grin massively savage wink

Thanks, stealth. It has continued in the same vein, tbh, but I am now so resigned it's become funny.

StealthPolarBear Tue 15-Dec-15 07:08:15

Today is a whole new set of 24 hours. Hopefully it's stopped raining

Jux Tue 15-Dec-15 08:45:54

smile (not pa) and chocolate to you Stealth. Yes, new day, new way. Much brighter today and a friend is coming over. Most of yesterdays's problems will have been solved by the afternoon as they are all small and just take a little time (delivery of new cartridge for instance). Thanks for sympathising


londonrach Tue 15-Dec-15 08:47:08

Things looking up op now. Enjoy your day x

Moopsboopsmum Tue 15-Dec-15 10:16:06

I live in a country with no public healthcare. My DC has been really ill recently and I'm very worried. Took DC for tests recently, total cost £750, not counting ongoing medication. Insurance will cover some but not all. Just before Christmas. Great. I would give anything to be back in the UK and having to wait in the GP's surgery, bad carols or not, knowing my DC will get the care he needs whether I can afford it that month or not.

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