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Type 1 diabetic and pregnant - any experiences like mine? Please?!

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Givinguph0pe Mon 14-Dec-15 18:31:16

Sorry posting here for traffic.

I'm nearly 33 weeks pregnant and the last few days my requirements have fallen from 45 units to around 32 units. If anything I'm eating more.
The hospital have seen me and hooked me up to a trace. I've also had a growth and Doppler scan. Baby has grown fine and the placenta didn't show any obvious problems on the Doppler scan. No resistance to blood flow or oxygen.

But I'm worried as to what has caused this sudden drop in insulin resistance. No one can give me any answers, it seems to be 'we will monitor you and have to wait and see' but I'm finding it almost impossible to get through the day as I'm so worried that the placenta will stop working and that's the cause of my insulin drop.

Any other diabetics had similar experiences? Was it the placenta giving up the ghost or was it just random for no obvious reason? I've another scan on Thursday to check the blood flow again, Im worried my baby might be dead by then and it'll be too late.

Givinguph0pe Mon 14-Dec-15 18:46:08

Anyone at all? Or any consultants who have seen similar and it not be a hideous failing placenta issue?

Givinguph0pe Mon 14-Dec-15 19:49:09

Hopeful bump

Augustbaby22 Mon 14-Dec-15 19:53:04

Hey I'm type 1 I found this near the end of my pregnancy my insulin requirements just dropped even though I was told they would probably increase, nothing to worry about my dd was fine and I just kept checking my sugars.

I also found once I had dd and was breastfeeding for a week (which was all I could manage) I didn't have to inject at all not even my levemir.

Hope this helps and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy smile

RussianDolls Mon 14-Dec-15 19:57:23

Could not post.

Keep track of your baby's movements. If you sense that something is wrong then call your doc or midwife straight away. They should monitor and reassure you. Also contact them if your baby's movements have reduced.

I also had the same thing. Baby was fine. Google Count the kicks for more information.

Trust your instincts and good luck.

Givinguph0pe Mon 14-Dec-15 20:05:07

Thank you both.
How far on were you when this happened and was it fairly sudden?

They aren't willing to do anything other than monitor as she has grown ok and the Doppler scan was fine. I'm trying to count the kicks but it makes me anxious as some days she moves more than others and sometimes I can't feel her move (anterior placenta) so on the scan she's kicking away but I can't feel it.

Givinguph0pe Mon 14-Dec-15 20:06:37

I find it hard to trust my instincts as I'm so worried now that I can't tell what is instinct and what is genuine!

VestalVirgin Mon 14-Dec-15 20:18:29

But I'm worried as to what has caused this sudden drop in insulin resistance.

Isn't type 1 diabetes the one where you don't produce insulin? Type II is where you have insulin resistance, isn't it?

I'd think your child produces most of the insulin you need. smile

I actually found an internet source (by a gynecologist from Berlin) that says baby can produce mommy's needed insulin from week 36 onwards. It's German, though, so probably not much use to you? Hiere it is:

Givinguph0pe Mon 14-Dec-15 20:20:19

Type 1 is where you don't produce insulin.

Is the study suggesting the baby produces the insulin for the mother? I didn't think insulin crossed the placenta.

VestalVirgin Mon 14-Dec-15 20:24:27

It does say that the baby produces more insulin if the mother is diabetic, so I guess the insulin does cross the placenta.

Only thing that seems off to me is that nobody was able to tell you this. hmm

Here it says it does cross the placenta in tiny amounts:

Augustbaby22 Mon 14-Dec-15 20:31:51

Sorry couldn't go into much detail was feeding dd and I'm not good writing with one hand!

I understand how you feel you read about how diabetes can effect babies so panic more I use to cry if my blood sugars went the slightest bit high!

They changed my long acting insulin from lantus to levemir early on as I kept going high after lunch so instead of 1 injection before bed I had to do one before bed and one in the morning and I was also carb counting for my quick acting 2 units to 10g of carbohydrates.

I found gradually during my pregnancy I had to reduce my long acting as I was low when I woke up in the morning, but at about 34 weeks I was suddenly dropping after dinner and waking up in the middle of the night with low blood sugars I had to reduce my long acting again and ended up having to change my quick acting to 1 unit to 10g and not injecting at all after dinner.

There was a few times I went in as I hadn't felt dd move much but every time I got to the midwives she would suddenly wriggle around like crazy or they would do a Doppler and everything was fine, I always felt silly going in as I was panicking something was wrong but the midwives were amazing and said that they would rather I came in even if it was nothing than ignore any niggle I had.

I drove my mum crazy going on about every little thing thinking something might be wrong.

How have your blood sugars been recently?
Do you have regular contact with a diabetes specialist? I had email contact with 2 diabetes nurses and they were great I just emailed them my blood sugar results once a week and told them any problems and they'd get back to me with suggestions but do what you thinks best when it comes to your diabetes.

Please don't worry your little one sounds fine and just a piece of advice when they are here make sure your fine first with your sugars, I hated having to leave my dd crying but when my blood sugars went low I had to sort myself out first otherwise I wouldn't be any use to my dd.

Hope that all makes sense!

TattieHowkerz Mon 14-Dec-15 20:32:57

I am a type 1 diabetic, currently pregnant (4 weeks!) with a 4 yo DD. My insulin requirements continued rise up until I gave birth.

It is understandable that you are worried because the above is the usual pattern. But you have raised it with your team and they obviously have monitoring plans, which is positive. In your situation I reckon I'd contact my consultant or nurse tomorrow and say what you've said above, I.e. You are worried the placenta is failing and the baby could die. Ask them to outline why this isn't the case, or why the level of monitoring proposed is enough.

If you are worried, or feel movements have dropped off, just go in straightaway.

Obviously your team are the experts, but it is perfectly reasonable to ask to understand their thinking and to seek reassurance. You are far enough along now that they could deliver anytime, which must also be reassuring.

Good luck! I hope you get some reassuring answers.

TattieHowkerz Mon 14-Dec-15 20:33:45

That should say currently pregnant, and with a 4yo,DD! Luckily I'm not pregnant with a massive preschooler!

Nectarines Mon 14-Dec-15 20:46:43

I'm Type 1 and 31 weeks with baby 2.

Both times, I've had fluctuations in my insulin requirements. Currently taking 30u levemir (only 12 pre preg) and carb counting with double my pre preg doses of novorapid.

I think you do experience fluctuations in requirements. Last time my basal dose dropped a few units towards the end and I was having more night time hypos.

It's hard work isnt it?!

Sounds like you're being taken care of. Stay in close contact with your diabetes team! Mine are great, they've seen it all before!

Just to add, as I understand it, type 1 is when you no longer produce insulin, but pregnancy makes you insulin resistant as well, so it's a double whammy!

What surprised me was how immediate the return to pre pregnancy insulin and readings were. Literally straight away!

We3KingyOfOblomovAre Mon 14-Dec-15 20:59:46

I had similar with ds2 and in the end my consultant told me to come in to hospital.
Keep communicating with your diabetic team. I'd email them. Put it in writing that you are concerned. At least if it's in writing no one can deny it. They might just reassure you, but at least they'll know.

RueDeWakening Mon 14-Dec-15 21:10:40

Insulin doesn't cross the placenta AIUI - babies of diabetic mothers produce more insulin because their own blood sugar levels tend to be higher, mimicking the mothers. So they produce more insulin to deal with it. Once they're born, they carry on producing extra insulin for a short while, which is why they get the regular heel prick tests and we're encouraged to harvest colostrum from week 36 (ish) onwards to freeze ready for if/when baby needs it.

I'm T1 with an 8, 5 and 2 year old btw smile congratulations.

Are you in a specialist diabetic antenatal clinic? Keep mentioning the reduced insulin requirements - and don't be afraid to go in for monitoring if you're remotely concerned. I was told they'd rather see healthy babies a million times over than not see a baby who turned out to be in trouble, so never to worry about wasting their time.

Chococroc Mon 14-Dec-15 22:12:42

I'm type 1 and had my first earlier this year. My insulin requirements continued to rise until around week 34 when they levelled off. I then had a scan at 36 weeks which did reveal that baby hadn't grown with suspected placenta problems, so I guess the levelling off happened around the time the issues started (I had scans at 34 and 36 weeks). I was then induced at 36 weeks.

I have a type 1 friend who was pregnant at the same time as me and her insulin requirements rose and fell throughout with no obvious cause and her overall control was still excellent.

With another scan on Thursday it sounds like they are keeping a good eye on you but do go back to them if you have any concerns at all.

Good luck with it all, pregnancy and type 1 is so hard but it sounds like you've done really well, you're nearly there!

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