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AIBU re; job application

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Gangie Mon 14-Dec-15 12:35:33

Two jobs have come up that I want to apply for. They are both with the same orgainisation, one is manager of the project which I am aspiring too but dont have all of the experience (lots but not all). The second is one I am very suited for and is similar to current role.

So do I apply for the bigger job and hope for the best.?

Apply for the one I have most chance with?

Apply for the 1st and outline my interested in being considered for the 2nd post if I wasnt suitable for the 1st?

FYI the job requires relocation to my home county, which is the aim of the game I guess.

Advise me wise mumsnetters!

Littlef00t Mon 14-Dec-15 12:52:58

My DH has been in a similar position a couple of times and applied for both. I was worried he wouldn't be seen as a serious candidate but it worked each time.

He got the lower job both times in the end but they were quite focused on supporting him with career progression as he'd shown he was keen.

somesortofmagic Mon 14-Dec-15 12:54:34

I'd say it depends how much you want a foot in the door of that particular organisation - if it's more about moving up to a specific role but the organisation could be one of many I'd go for the 1st but if you'd really like to get into that company I'd apply for the 2nd and prepare to work up. If you applied for the 1st and didn't get it you might miss the chance to get in there.

19lottie82 Mon 14-Dec-15 12:55:19

Apply for both. Without a doubt.

Applying doesn't mean you'll be offered either or both. And if you are offered either or both, you don't have to accept either of them!

The job market is VERY competitive these days. I applied for a mid scale office admin job and was told they had 350 applicants!

In the nicest possible way, you need to hedge your bets, do not consider a job application a "sure thing". Apply for as many as you can.

19lottie82 Mon 14-Dec-15 12:56:39

Doh. I am an idiot. Totally missed the part about them both being internal! fangry

Can you apply for both? If yes I'd do that.

Gangie Mon 14-Dec-15 13:04:39

Any advise on How to word it in my cover letter? Do I just apply for the first job and state in cover letter that I wish to be considered for the 2nd post also?

AnotherEmma Mon 14-Dec-15 13:04:43

Apply for both! I don't think you necessarily need to mention the other post in each application - just focus on the role in question and why you would be a good fit. If the roles are in the same department/team and it's the same person recruiting for each role, they will know you've applied for both. If not, it may be worth including a note to say you've applied for another role. If they ask which you prefer I think you should say you're very interested in both and if shortlisted for both you, would like to do the interviews to discuss which would be more suitable and to inform your decision (if you end up in the lucky position of choosing between them). I think it's good as it shows you're very keen.

MrsHathaway Mon 14-Dec-15 13:57:14


Best of luck!

Gangie Mon 14-Dec-15 15:05:27

Thanks everyone I'm applying today! Il let u know how it goes grin

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