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About my 30th

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Faye12345 Mon 14-Dec-15 10:52:31

Hello im 30 in the summer and have arranged a function room party(well DH has!) Im happy with this as everyone can then be included. My cousin is pestering me to go to NYC or Las Vegas saying this is what is done for a big bday. I dont want to do this and ( no one knows apart from me and DH ) we hopefully will be pregnant so dont want the hassle etc. Aibu to just want a party and not to all sorts of crap i dont want to???

AliceInUnderpants Mon 14-Dec-15 11:00:30

YANBU, it's your birthdaym not his/hers.

WorraLiberty Mon 14-Dec-15 11:00:48

I'm quite sure you know the answer to this one fgrin

Faye12345 Mon 14-Dec-15 11:02:30

I do but the rudeness, pressure and selfishness pisses me off

willconcern Mon 14-Dec-15 11:05:55

Let her organise that for herself when she's 30/40/however old.

Is it now a "thing" then to go to NYC or Las Vegas for a 30th? I don't know anyone who's done that.

I'd tell her to butt out!

Seeyounearertime Mon 14-Dec-15 11:07:25

I didn't do anything for my 30th from what I recall. Was 6 years ago... [Sobs]

LibrariesgaveusP0wer Mon 14-Dec-15 11:09:08

I was v pregnant and went for a last weekend away with DH before the baby.

Since when is big group trips a thing? confused

Faye12345 Mon 14-Dec-15 11:11:36

I know! I think a party is ideal to save people spending too much! I think big trips can put people under pressure

onecurrantbun1 Mon 14-Dec-15 11:15:44

It's my 30th in a couple of years and I am hoping to go for a weekend away with just DH, but my celebration with friends and family will be very low key. I think it's quite obvious that your cousin is being U here!

x2boys Mon 14-Dec-15 11:32:34

i did go away with some friends on my 30th scotland though not las vegas !I was single at the time and no kids.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 14-Dec-15 13:00:10

Don't tell your cousin OP, but I know someone who had a big girlie group holiday in Antigua for her 40th.

But seriously, most people don't go abroad for significant birthdays and a big party with family and friends sounds lovely. You do what you want and your cousin can just wind his/her neck in.

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