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To be annoyed at the neighbours dog

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lexigrey Sat 12-Dec-15 23:55:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

abbsismyhero Sat 12-Dec-15 23:58:44

start posting soundproofing adverts through her letterbox? dog trainers advertisements?

i would be seriously having a word or ten i grew up with dogs the rule is bark bark SHUT UP! and silence!

yummumto3girls Sun 13-Dec-15 00:00:46

It drives you mad! we have neighbours who have dogs who bark all the time, whilst my two barely make a noise. Speak to her again and explain how terrible it is. We went straight to environmental health who wrote to our neighbours, it made no difference. They just seem oblivious to it!

lexigrey Sun 13-Dec-15 00:00:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mmmmcake123 Sun 13-Dec-15 00:01:28

Not on. Yanbu

lexigrey Sun 13-Dec-15 00:02:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tarrarra Sun 13-Dec-15 00:12:21

Poor you. The neighbour clearly knows its a problem, so perhaps you can bring it up again and ask what they are doing. I have a similar situation as neighbours dogs not only bark but do a horrible howling thing. I thought that it would be a temporary thing when their two were puppies but they never grew out of it. It's been too long to bring it up now so don't do what ai did and leave it. 😊

Beahun Sun 13-Dec-15 00:13:21

Poor you! Not sure moving house would work! We have a neighbour with two dogs, one barks all the time when we come home and walk up on our path or even if someone just stands outside on the path. Well, we were selling our house and the people who came around they needed exactly a bungalow like ours but they said to the agent we had the most noisiest neighbours! I think they meant about the dogs! So you see it's not that easy. Perhaps this would be easier:
Suggest this to your neighbour, this stuff does work!
Good luck and let us know what's happening.x

Nataleejah Sun 13-Dec-15 05:45:18

Just don't know what to say. Talk to her about dog training classes or something.
Myself i have a dog who doesn't do being left alone. We don't leave him any much longer than an hour or two, he's much better now since when we adopted him, but still. As long as anybody's home, its like no dog at all -- he does not make a sound.

Moving house not a good idea -- you can end up with a noisy thing over there as well.

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