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To not be satisfied with my job, even though i love it.

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TheoriginalLEM Sat 12-Dec-15 13:09:02

OK, so i have a job (yipee!) that i love - well i sort of have it. I provide holiday cover in the place where i clean. I do get a lot of hours and when i provide cover the job is challenging, varied and fun and without blowing my own trumpet - i am bloody good at it. (the cleaning is a bit boring but therapeutic if that makes sense - hours are shit though, either stupidly early in the morning or in the evening).

All good so far.

I need more hours, they know i need more hours and they do try, there is also the very real possibility of the job i provide cover for mostly becoming regular/permanent in the spring.

Again, all good.

Now for the issues

1. The pay isn't enough (practically minimum wage).
2. I am seriously overqualified (the most qualified person in the company - cleaning the floors grin) even for the job i provide cover for. My qualifications are vaguely associated with the job i do but can't use them to do a "qualified" post and therefore earn more money and more responsibility.*
3. There is absolutely no scope for progression.

*I taught modules on a course that i would have to take if i wanted to qualify and even if i did i doubt very much whether my employers would make this possible as they are no longer a training centre and would look at me with hmm faces if I asked.

The reason i am not working in a "better" more well paid job is due to my suffering from anxiety and have had a breakdown in the past. This job is sort of easing me back in.

The problem is, i am not sure if this is what i want long term and i am running out of "term" as in, im 45 now. DD is about to start secondary school next year so i can work longer hours. It would be the easy option, ive worked here, on and off for 20 years whilst at university etc. I love the job, i love the people - but its the money, i feel i should be contributing more to the family and also i know i'll get bored and want more responsibility and its just not possible where i am.

I also worked bloody hard for my qualification and am not reaping the rewards - althoguh my field of "expertise" moves quickly and me rejoining that career is probably out of the question.

Well done if this makes any sense and you have stuck with me so far.

Part of me just thinks - look, how many people do you know who love their job, genuinely count most if not all of their work coleagues as friends and miss the job when they are not there? But then i know(think) i should be able to earn more money and take the pressure off of DP who really is under pressure being self employed and struggling to recover fromthe debts we acrued when i was "unwell" .

What should i do oh great sages of mumsnet?

DancingDuck Sat 12-Dec-15 13:33:52

It's complex. You have lots of differing needs which aren't necessarily compatible with each other. Lots of people with MH issues end up in jobs way beneath their intellectual capability because the emotional and mental toll on them if they had more stress and career pressure would be too high.

Couple of things: first I'd aim for a permanent agreement to more hours in the cover work you love if it comes up, but not full time. It may be low paid but you enjoy it and it's quite fulfilling.

Next, recognise that being a good, reliable cleaner is super valuable and can earn you way more than minimum wage, depending a little where you are. Round here, good cleaners earn £12-16ph, Certainly you can earn £10 in most places.

I'd get a couple of better paid cleaning jobs, maybe domestic ones, and put that money aside to pay for training to update your expertise. Then you could look around and apply for jobs in your field of expertise which pay properly. or aim for promotion in your current workplace.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 12-Dec-15 14:49:21

thanks. food for thought.

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