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To be mad at my asshole boyfriend

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Whatthecrocodilehat Fri 11-Dec-15 20:04:15

Been really busy today with poorly baby.
My BF has been texting me and my answers have been short as I have been quite stressed cleaning up projectile vomit all day and doing a trip to hospital.
Basically I didn't ask BF about how his day was and how he is.
When he mentioned that, I said sorry and asked him how he was.
He then goes on to tell me that he had fallen off the roof at work, broken his wrist and gouged his leg down the bone. When I phoned him in a panic he didn't answer so I text him again to ask what the doctors have said.
He said that they said that his misses should always ask how he is so he doesn't need to make up stupid stories.

AIBU to be fucking livid and go over to his and give him a fucking kick in the nuts?!

whois Fri 11-Dec-15 20:07:38

Wow. You had a baby with this twat??

Clobbered Fri 11-Dec-15 20:08:15

YANBU to be fucking livid. YABVVU to consider having anything more to do with him. What an utter arsehole.

Whatthecrocodilehat Fri 11-Dec-15 20:10:00

He's not my DD's father. It's so out of character for him that's what pissed me off the most!

StrictlyMumDancing Fri 11-Dec-15 20:10:12

YANBU at all. Y maybe BU to force him onto a roof, break his wrist and gouge his leg though. And I'm not 100% on that maybe...

Krampus Fri 11-Dec-15 20:10:19

He is a self centred wanker.

Beth2511 Fri 11-Dec-15 20:14:20

What a prick

Whenwillwe3meetagain Fri 11-Dec-15 20:15:08

And his redeeming features?

Whatthecrocodilehat Fri 11-Dec-15 20:15:20

He's Just texted saying sorry but then made a joke about how convincing he was. I can't even reply I'm so mad.

665TheNeighbourOfTheBeast Fri 11-Dec-15 20:17:10

Red flag alert !
This guy is semaphoring " I am a controlling wanker" at you as obviously as as he can
Pay attention !

DoreenLethal Fri 11-Dec-15 20:17:13

Dump and block. You have a sick child, and a sick boyfriend. Different types of sick though.

Whatthecrocodilehat Fri 11-Dec-15 20:18:59

I think I'm going to just ignore till the morning. I don't have the longest fuse in the world and don't need an argument ontop of everything else!

Cheby Fri 11-Dec-15 20:19:59

Another vote for getting rid.

RudeElf Fri 11-Dec-15 20:20:58

Right so he knows you have a sick baby and have been at hospital with her yet still decides he is more important and should have your undivided attention? He doesnt, so he punishes you for it by creating massive panic and lying about a serious injury?

And yet you havent referred to him as ex boyfriend or newly dumped boyfriend? Odd.

DrGoogleWillSeeYouNow Fri 11-Dec-15 20:21:36

Text him saying how sorry you are and you'll make it up to him later. Follow it up with a joke about how convincing you are and actually he can fuck off.

donajimena Fri 11-Dec-15 20:21:55

This is not a good man. If you don't feel quite ready to LTB yet (which you absolutely should) let this be a warning
He will get worse.

Groovee Fri 11-Dec-15 20:22:39

I'd be livid at that!

AnyFucker Fri 11-Dec-15 20:24:04

so, he's jealous of a baby and needs to seek attention to get back to Top Dog Position?

good luck with that

Arfarfanarf Fri 11-Dec-15 20:24:12

Show me that I am more important than your baby


vienna1981 Fri 11-Dec-15 20:24:32

Sounds like a real catch. This particular catch is best dropped.

FoxesSitOnBoxes Fri 11-Dec-15 20:26:07

Ugh. You don't need this and your child definitely doesn't need this.

decisionsdecisions123 Fri 11-Dec-15 20:26:27

What a plank.

GinIsTheBestChristmasSpirit Fri 11-Dec-15 20:28:14

So either he asked about your day, knew about the baby then threw a tantrum because it slipped your mind to immediately ask back about his day or he didn't ask about your day but then threw a fit when you didn't ask about his either...

I can't decide which is worse. He definitely needs to get his act together. If this man is going to stay in your life he needs to care about the baby as well. If he doesn't then he needs to go, now.

ShebaShimmyShake Fri 11-Dec-15 20:28:48

Congratulations on your babies.

Leafitout Fri 11-Dec-15 20:29:04

He's a fuckwit tell him to jog on

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